5 motivating lessons we can learn from successful activities of forward-thinking companies or businesses

If people have been able to make plans for the future of many perishable material possessions or property, and succeeded at it, then you are more than capable of planning and materializing your own earthly and eternal future. When it comes to forward-thinking, the most important thing you always have to remember is that where you were and where you are, are not as important as where you are heading to. Yesterday might have either been cruel, or even a success, but tomorrow has greater promise—look towards it! In this regard, everybody has a great deal of precious lessons to learn from forward-thinking companies. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

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How to turn defeat into victory by experimenting with different things

Defeat is experienced by people from different backgrounds, age groups, religious faiths, levels of education… instead of allowing ourselves to surrender to defeat, let us be positive and take comfort from the wonderful experiences of past defeatists who became successful in various endeavours: business, science, arts, writing, government, etc…Many people go through life with a high level of persistence and ambition, but fail to succeed because they don’t like trying or experimenting with new approaches…whenever results aren’t forthcoming, then it is advisable to experiment with an entirely new approach. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

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Small ideas that materialize are greater than big ideas that can’t—having big ideas is not enough

You’ve got a good idea? Then do something about it by taking action. Don’t wait until everything is 100% favorable before you take action. Where is that person who is not only a talker, but can get results?…the test of a real active person is not in their ability to eliminate all seen and unforeseen problems before they arise; their strength lies in how they successfully handle seen and unforeseen difficulties whenever they arise. Every day thousands of people bury good ideas because they are afraid of acting on them…and afterward, the ghosts of such ideas come back to haunt and taunt them. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

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Your success depends on support from other people

One of the silent rules of success that deserves to be mentioned is this: success depends on support from other people. One major obstacle between where people are and where they want to get to in life, could be the absence of support from people. Politicians depend on voters to elect them into office; writers depend on people to read what they write. Even people who have all the leadership qualities that the world loves, still need support in order to be effective as much as possible. The truth is that nobody can do everything on their own. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

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You want money? Then put “service” first—make good service your first target

If you desire to attract money, then put service first. If you put service first, money will appear more easily. One obstacle that hinders most people from making money is their mindset. Most people don’t have enough money because they want to get money without offering any services. Nobody can acquire genuine money unless they plant the seed of money—the seed of money is service. Good service attracts money. Put service first, be positive and persistent, and money will come…plant service, and harvest money. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

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Always look out for what can be; not only what exist—everything doesn’t always have to be invisible

Visionaries are always forward-thinking and consistently looking towards the future for what can be done; not only what exists at the moment. Learn to look at situations, not only as how they are, but how better and greater they can become. Your visualization can add value to everything! Don’t be stuck in the present. Focus more of your attention on bigger and brighter objectives for the future, and lesser on petty concerns of the present and past. Make up your mind to always keep your eyes stuck on a brighter future. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

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