The Ways of GOD are Superior to the Acts of God

Before we go deeper into this article, let’s take a brief look at a scripture in the Christian Bible, in Psalms 103: 7 which states: “He made his ways known to Moses, and his acts known to the children of Israel”. Although Moses had a lot of access to the ways of GOD, the children of Israel “only” had access to the acts of GOD — not more. There was a big difference between the relationship GOD had with both sides (i.e. Moses, and the children of Israel), and from what the scripture says, it can be clearly observed that the ways of GOD are superior to the acts of GOD! Moses — who was closer to GOD than the rest of the Israelites — had an upper hand in the things of GOD than the Israelites did. To move a bit deeper, we can say that the ways of GOD should be viewed upon as the principles or laws of GOD, i.e. the pattern in which He made creation to work in a truthful, unbiased, balanced and awesome manner. If you abide by his ways or principles, then you can have access to his power and become a commander of his acts. Take a look at the ten commandments in order to get a grasp of his ways; once you obey them, then his powerful acts will be displayed in your life, and you’ll naturally be able to bring great and miraculous deeds into physical existence. When you understand His ways (principles) and stand by them, just like Moses did, then you will be able to radiate His power and display His powerful acts.

It’s quite common to see that most people are far away or actually cut off from the ways of GOD; this is why it’s difficult for them to ride on his acts—which are by-products of his ways. Don’t expect GOD’s principles to work wonders for you in one area when you violate them in another area (or areas); for example, it doesn’t matter how much faith you have, if you violate the principles of righteousness and truthfulness, and live your life disrespecting for your fellow men, then your faith will never produce strong results (or acts). Irrespective of any individual’s faith (i.e., faith in either God, yourself, or an entity/someone spiritually higher than you), if sin is on ground, then all your expectations will likely NOT be realized; this explains the mystery behind so many unanswered prayers, wishes and expectations! Another example is in the area of financial prosperity: if you are a good giver sometimes (probably doing it to showoff), but become negligent at other times, then true prosperity may likely elude you. In order for these types of scenes not to occur, abide by GOD’s laws or principles so that you can have a smooth ride on his ways, as you watch the multitude (like the Israelites) stare at the accompanying acts.

In order for everything to be put in a proper balance, what should you do? Well, make attempts to do the following:

(i) Be open to GOD! Search yourself and find out if there are any of GOD’s principles you are violating. If you are sincere and eager, you will find out the exact thing(s) you are suppose to do, or those you are suppose to STOP doing; and once you are able to find it/them out, immediately make amends by doing it/them, or stopping it/them

(ii) Ask GOD to give you the grace to overcome the hurdles confronting you in the areas where you’re lagging behind; His grace has been made available to help us because he understands that we are human and prone to making mistakes

(iii) Always seek GOD’s face, not his hands. Pursue his ways rather than his acts, and you will see more of his acts happening in your life than you ever thought possible.

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