How to influence your mind to attract your desires and a glorious afterlife

As the years have been passing by, I’ve been acquiring most of the things I ever desired. By taking a look at the past, it’s obvious that positive thinking has been helpful in influencing my mind to attract the things I desired/desire; today, it still influences my mind to attract the things I still desire. From personal experience, I can boldly say that the human mind operates in a way that follows a sensible pattern which is void of any form of mystery. There is nothing mystical about the powerful influence our minds have on other people and the environment around us. Read ahead in order to see things from my own angle: how capable each human mind is in making an influence that will attract or dispel the thing(s) it desires. Although I admit that our experiences are different, value will be found in this content; it will enable you to tweak your mind in order to achieve better results in terms of attracting what you want.

Have a good intention to acquire what you desire

The quest for material things should go hand in hand with a desire to weigh the spiritual value inherent in acquiring them. In this regard, I advise people to acquire material things based on spiritual values which are capable of outlasting all the material thing(s) they wish to acquire. It’s not a bad idea to become excessively rich, but it would be a delusion to become rich and lose spiritual or immaterial values like love, peace, soundness of mind, humility, etc. It has to be noted that our stay on Earth is temporary; therefore, strive for spiritual values by showing kindness, consideration and understanding for others – instead of becoming a thief or murderer; a slanderer or a blackmailer; a liar or a rapist; etc. When you look for spiritual values while pursuing material things, the universe and nature will always support you, even when surrounding conditions are unfavorable. From experience and observation, there are certain important steps we should follow:

1. Decide what you want

You must decide exactly what you want; you must visualize or conceive it in your mind. What is it that you actually want? It might not be enough for you to say you want a lot of money, a lot of cars, a lot of houses, etc. You will get far better results if you describe “in detail” what you want. For example, if you want a new car, then you must state other things about the car: the model of the car, the engine-type (automatic or manual), the color of the car, etc. The point is this: you must state extra things that will give your mind a firm image and “strong” impression that can influence it to attract what you desire during the time you are waiting for/expecting your desire to materialize. After creating a clear thought about what you want, frequently picture it in your mind, and always hold that picture firmly.

2. Give unto others so that you will be easier for you to receive

After deciding what you want, go to the next stage: GIVE so that you can receive. If you make up your mind to give, then how much are you willing to give? If you desire to acquire a particular amount of money, are you prepared to help other people with a tithe, which is the same thing as a tenth of that money? Do you have a heart to assist other people who are not as lucky/fortunate as you are? It might sound vain to say that you will give a tithe after you get money. Make it a habit to give out money, services, or any form of assistance to those who are in need. In so doing, you will be placing yourself in a favorable position, and influencing your mind to cooperate with the natural laws of giving/receiving, in order to attract your desire(s).

3. Make it a habit to always practice visualizing what you want

After you’ve made a decision on what you want—to get a promotion, to get a million dollars, to become an orator, to win a lottery, or whatever it is—then consistently visualize what you want. Let’s say you’ve decided you want a new car, then decide the type of car you want: the brand of the car, the color of the car, the passenger-carrying capacity of the car, etc. Next, use a few minutes each day to relax both mind and body; immediately thereafter, use some extra minutes (ten or twenty) to visualize yourself in the car as if you already have it—there and then. Do not think of the car as something you might have, or could have, even though you know you don’t have it at the moment. Visualize yourself having the car. As you visualize and always create a mental picture of it, it will become a blueprint that will be influential in attracting your desire(s). Create a thought that you can continuously pour energy into in order to strengthen it until it becomes reality. If leadership skills, power, courage and influence are what you desire, add them to the picture. After frequently visualizing your desires in your mind, you will observe that you won’t have any doubt(s) that you are going to acquire them.

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It must be noted that visualization can be difficult if it’s something that’s new to you! Difficulties can arise because your mind hasn’t gotten used to producing sharp pictures of the things you desire; do not bother about this. The pictures you conceive do not have to be perfect in terms of having all the traits (qualities) of the things you desire. If you discipline your mind and make it a habit to regularly visualize what you want, your mind will eventually start to believe in the visualizations and produce amazing mental pictures for you to easily choose from. Results will be obvious if you always live the thoughts of your desires in your mind, again and again, and for a long period — say weeks, months, or even years. Whenever doubts arise, do not be discouraged; just continue to repeat your visualizations and positive elements will naturally color the whole process till you physically acquire your desire(s). Keep on repeating your visualizations and everything will quite naturally look after itself. Don’t bother yourself too much about what will happen, just have faith in the process of visualization and the right things will happen at the right time. As you visualize, FEEL that the money, car, or whatever you desire, is coming to you; the more positive you are about it, the faster the reaction will be. If you follow these steps, the thoughts of your desires will be driven into the subconscious part of your whole mind, which is ninety percent of it, and nine times more powerful than your conscious mind which you use every day. After a good period of time, your subconscious mind—which is the platform for signs and wonders—will miraculously materialize your desires.

Words of Advice

There are things that are much more valuable than money, cars, skyscrapers, and all types of wonderful material things. If you are wise, instead of using all your effort to strive and acquire an excessive number of material things, go the other way: rather strive to acquire spiritual values like Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther, and other great people or leaders whose auras positively influenced the eternal destinies of millions and millions of people. Desire to acquire abilities and virtues that will outlast your short earthly life, and be of profitable use to you when you leave this world.

Hammer this thought into your mind: no one has ever succeeded in taking a single dollar into the next world; the more material things you strive to acquire, the more material things you will leave behind. On the other hand, the more you help other people by doing good, the more blessings and spirituality you will carry along with you into the next life — after you leave this world. It is quite unfortunate that in the present age many people think that the most important thing in life is to acquire excessive amounts of money and other forms of material things. It is not possible to help others too much, and when you help others — you indirectly attract physical and spiritual blessings to yourself. A lot of people in the world are in desperate need of help; choose to visualize and acquire material things in order to serve your fellow human beings. After this short earthly life, there is an everlasting spiritual life in which goodness and spirituality are the currencies in use, while the present-day money and material things are like the dust of this Earth. The choice is yours to make!

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  • Wonderful advice! Positive thoughts works wonders. They say every battle, victory or achievement is first visualized and achieved in our mind before the actual event unfolds.

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  • Thank you Terihagh for your support. Your blog is very different from mine. I have spent many years learning and growing in my belief that THE LORD is my Provider, especially now that I am a senior. Therr is peace and comfort in knowing and Trusting THE LORD. GOD BLESS YOU.


    • Dear Robertadennis2013, thanks for taking time to view my blog. Although our blogs are different, I too am a christian and firm believer who is dependent on God as some of my older posts hint.

      Because we are on the internet, I try to generalize my posts for the benefit of audiences and people from different religions and backgrounds. I think that irrespective of faith, all humans have one thing in common: a human mind, which in the absence of positivity and belief, will likely not bring positive results to one’s life. Even the Bible says without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11: 6). In Matthew 17: 20, Jesus hints at having a minimum quantity of faith, and many other verses in the Bible indirectly show that having “some” amount of faith is necessary. From my own experiences I have come to understand that even if we believe in God, we have to be consistently positive, and constantly work on our minds against all negativity, disbelief, demonic interferences on our minds, and impatience in order to have a super mind like Jesus, so that at least a minimum amount of faith will be in our minds, and will work wonders for us.

      Maturing in the christian faith, and studying the lives of past achievers (believers and non-believers) and fellow brethren (struggling and fulfilled) around me, has made me understand why a lot of verses in the Bible hint to the fact that, irrespective background, religion, etc, if we dont believe we will achieve great things, it might be difficult (or even impossible) for God to just send them our way. May God continue to guide us. Thanks.


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