The Reality of Invisible Worlds & Life: Physical & Spiritual

         It’s a bit shocking that in the midst of all the astonishing scientific and technological knowledge that has been discovered/invented over the ages, confusion and disbelief still abound regarding the existence of other invisible or inaccessible parts of creation; there is also uncertainty as to whether human souls exist before and after physical death. Science and technology, which have helped in revealing that a lot of infinitesimal living things and particles that were once considered to be invisible, have both played a huge part in proving that everything, seen and unseen, is really alive — I mean REALLY ALIVE — and alive to such an extent that even those who don’t believe in invisible or “spiritual” life seem to be drawn or gradually drawing away from the abyss of their disbelief in invisibility or spirituality; now, nothing seems to be “that dead” or completely inexistent. Advances in science and technology have even made atheistic scientists and other non-believers in God/spirituality to have a rethink over their convictions which deny the existence of a spiritual and greater part of creation.

    For thousands of years, many religious leaders, believers in God, spiritualists and spiritual mediums have always sounded it out, wide and loud, that all the things we see with our physical eyes are simply the result of invisible or spiritual life which has its roots in an/the Almighty God — and they seem to have been right all along before the age of scientific and technological advancement started proving this belief bit by bit. It would do the world a lot of good if mankind could “harmonize” the “visible” life (here on Earth) with the invisible life (in the spiritual atmosphere) by cooperating with or properly using the spiritual power given by God, and which continues to permeate through all creation, in its seen and unseen parts. Happy will be the man who uses this spiritual power for good, but woeful will it be for the man who falls for the temptation to misuse it!


        Countless instances have proven how greatly limited the capability of man’s physical eyes and brain are to see and perceive, respectively. The brain, like the physical body is limited to this physical world’s space and time and is not naturally able to see things beyond these limits. The human eyes are not even capable of seeing many “physical” things clearly. Take a look at a drop of water: in many instances, it appears to be neat, clean, and free from stain and blemish, but when viewed through magnifying lenses, the same water has been proven to contain millions of living organisms fighting and destroying one another.

          Are there not innumerable bacilli in water and soil that have been found capable of causing lots of harm and destruction to human and animal bodies? Are bacilli not invisible to the unaided human eyes? Are there not energetic atoms and molecules in constant motion, but which are invisible to the human eyes? However, these atoms and molecules immediately become visible when substances are viewed under magnifying glasses. Considering this instance and several others — too many to mention — who would be able to state that nothing new will be discovered or seen after existing physical equipments are further improved upon. Everyone would agree that if physical equipments are improved upon a thousand-fold or a million-fold, other objects tinnier than bacilli and atoms of elements would also multiply in size and become viewable. More unseen worlds would become visible and unfold before the naked human eyes; even time travel, which has remained in the domain of fiction, will become a natural reality, and be pushed into the domain of non-fiction. Logically, it can be inferred that the discovery of more unseen objects and worlds by science and technology will continue until “mysterious” or “spiritual” things become natural to man.


       If we believe in the possibility of the invisible or spiritual world continuously unfolding before the eyes of mankind, we might want to ask: what is the next world or next life to come? What is life after physical death? Many people seem to be confused when they hear: “the next world”. “The next world” can generally be considered to be physical and spiritual objects or things that cannot be seen or perceived by our brains, ears, eyes and other senses that belong to our physical bodies. The next world is beyond the detection of our physical senses. From the perspective of viewing bacilli, atoms and molecules, without considering many other forms of “life”, we would readily agree that there is no “cloak” or “wall” dividing this physical world with the unseen/spiritual world: there is no gulf. All creation and everything in it is interwoven and unified. There is nothing like “this world” and “that world”; rather, there is one uniform existence just like it was in the days when God conversed more often with mankind than today.

          The concept of “this world” and “that world” or “the next world” arose due to man’s inability to see everything; probably this is due to the fact that man looks upon himself as the center of importance in all creation, and also because he cannot see the invisible organisms, invisible atoms, invisible angels, invisible nature spirits, invisible devils, invisible heavens, etc.; invisible organisms and atoms were revealed by science, while angels, spirits and demons have been perceived by laypeople who possess sharp spiritual senses. In holding a wrong perception of the invisible world, it might be agreed that man has forcibly hindered his own spiritual progress. We would likely be on a better eternal path if we look at the different parts of creation (seen and unseen) as a single unit, and not try to draw a distinction between “this world” and “the next world”.

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15 comments on “The Reality of Invisible Worlds & Life: Physical & Spiritual

  1. This is a brilliant piece. There needs to be more scientists that don’t base their understanding of the world based on empirical logic, but rather they explore other possibilities outside of the material world.

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    • Ash, thanks for reading, and for the encouraging words. I agree with your comment regarding scientists; just to add a little to your remark about scientists, maybe it’s high time their training be updated with training in metaphysical, spiritual or immaterial concepts that could sharpen their intuition beyond being dependent on only the 5 physical (material) senses.

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  2. EVIDENCES OF INVISIBLE LIFE – Yes definitely true.

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  3. thanks guruboxblog … you hit the hammer on the head with your statement which summarizes the post.


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  5. Thanks Craig,

    words cannot express enough of the gratitude I feel when fellow bloggers reblog content from this site.

    From my email inbox, where I got notified, I went directly to the reblogged post and messaged you before noticing you had messaged me here.


  6. And so we might ask, ” Just what is the magnifying glass through which we should look at the invisible ?” What an excellent piece this is. Thank you very much. Thank you as well, for visiting and following spirituality without Borders . I appreciate your presence there.

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  7. Rita, the question you asked might be difficult for me to give a well-explained answer, becos my answer might not satisfy everyone; but my answer will be the truth, or something close to it.

    😛i wish you could have answered that question immediately after asking it🤔.

    but based on my own insight and experience, if anyone achieves real spiritual growth (not some religious or fanciful feeling of spiritual growth, but REAL spiritual growth), then the person will automatically develop a sixth sense (or what I may call “superhuman abilities/intelligence” like as telepathy, clairvoyance, other spiritual powers, etc.) which will naturally aid them to comprehend/look directly at invisibility without the use of tools like magnifying glasses, or they can look indirectly through more powerful physical tools produced with the aid of the sixth senses; both ways (direct and indieft) — which all depend on development of sixth senses — can be used to look at invisible or intangible forms of life — which I believe are all natural.

    Thanks for your encouraging words as regards to the post, and your appreciation for following your blog which has very enlightening content that made me to click the “follow” button.

    I encourage you to keep producing such content which will be very useful to readers.


  8. The next adventure is a result of the way we live the life here. We can create Heaven or Hell same as we do it on Earth.

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  9. rightly said @ thespiritualone. when we leave here, we meet either the heaven or hell we created for ourselves … it’s best we make good use of our current opportunity. may God assist us.


  10. Fascinating.

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  12. wow: encouraging remark! thanks for reading.


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