Progressive enlightenment of mankind: Can mankind become a complete master of natural forces?

In past ages, natural activities were relegated to the domain of “mysticism”

For countless ages in the past, mankind was a passive observer of nature’s forces and activities which once seemed to be locked in the domain of mysticism and spiritualism. Accounts of the belief systems of the earliest races of mankind show that people once marveled at unknown and unexplainable forces that caused changes in whether, lightning, movement of distant stars, etc.

In the distant past, the forces of nature and natural activities were shrouded in mystery, and were often feared and worshipped. In fact, the ancients assumed that natural activities were beyond human comprehension, and the lack of adequate understanding of natural forces made the ancients to create myths about gods in order to explain the natural activities that occurred around them.

In recent ages, natural activities have been accepted as natural, and are explained by natural laws

In contrast with the beliefs of the ancients, recent generations have witnessed brilliant people succeed in controlling and tweaking the forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. Hopefully, with the inspiring achievements of this age, mankind could soon become a complete master of nature in the future.

Many natural activities that were once thought to be controlled by divine, spiritual or mystical power, are now clearly understood due to in-depth knowledge of the theories behind the forces of nature. It’s been proven that most activities that were once considered mystical have always been natural since the beginning of time; and God who is the creator of these forces, made them to always adhere to certain rules which could be effectively controlled—yesterday, today and forever.

Activities, considered as mystical/spiritual in past ages, are now accepted as “natural”

In ages bygone, there were predominant mystical or spiritual influences of magicians, prophets, men of God, etc. In recent ages, we’ve had technological advancements that still look like magic, and could pretty well have been relegated to the realm of mysticism, witchcraft or sorcery ages ago.

Today, we have a solid understanding of the forces of nature, and unlike the ancients who lived in the dark ages of science and didn’t understand the forces of nature, we don’t believe that lightning bolts, environmental plagues, etc., are the handwork of any gods.

It’s true that scientific predictions would likely not always be exact, even though they’ve been authoritative, and most times correct because they clearly express and approximately quantify the forces of nature that drive the world—and probably the entire universe.

Each time the forces and laws of nature were thoroughly studied, understood and described, their applications have changed human history and the way mankind views natural activities that have been propelled by natural forces.

Three major forces of nature & their impacts

(1) The first force we’ll look at is the force of gravity

Isaac Newton was the first to give a natural and convincing explanation why objects move after being exerted by forces, rather than by the influence of some gods or mystical spirits. Newton’s insight contributed a lot to the success of the industrial revolution which came much later.

(2) The second force is electromagnetic force

This force lights our world up: think about a force that lights up our cities and powers all our appliances. When great scientists such as Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison and others gave insight which explained the effects of combining electricity and magnetism, a clear pathway was prepared for the electronic revolution which has been a home for the greatest scientific discoveries and wonders.

(3) The third force is nuclear force

During the 1930’s, and around the time the atom was split, Albert Einstein wrote down a famous equation (E = mc2) which made it possible—for the first time—for scientists to understand the forces that light up our world and the universe. This understanding revealed the secret behind the brilliant lights from the stars. Also, it led to creation of the power behind atomic weapons which have destroyed a lot of lives and property.

Important points that should be noted

Fortunately, with the efforts of the most brilliant minds, mankind now has a great understanding of these major forces—there could be quite a good number of others which we could consider as minor forces.

Gravity is now properly described by the theory of general relativity (note: some theories and predictions of general relativity differ significantly from those of classical physics which is the core of engineering principles), while electromagnetic and nuclear forces are well described by the quantum theory which has given insight into happenings in the invisible subatomic worlds. Unlike the industrial and electronic revolution, the quantum theory led to the creation of the laser, transistor, and the digital revolution which is one of the pillars of modern technology.

The secret behind the DNA molecule, which was unknown and mysterious in ages past, has been unlocked by scientist through an understanding of the quantum theory. Furthermore, this has created a firm foundation for biotechnological revolution and the successful alteration of natural genes. The result is that mankind is now much more capable of seeing what science and technology will be able to achieve in years to come.

What more should we expect?

As it has happened over recent years—even up to the present time—there will be more unexpected and completely new surprises that would leave mankind speechless and in great awe. One thing is sure: the theories behind natural forces, which were unknown to the ancients, but are now understood and used as drivers of modern science and technology, would likely not be altered—at least in the foreseeable future. However, we can agree that improvements could be made when necessary.


Mystic and so-called spiritual beliefs behind natural activities in past ages, are now clearly explained by natural laws. In ages to come, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see mankind become complete masters of nature and take total control of this God-given world—and probably some other worlds out there.

Probably, then and only then would tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, climate change, planet-destructive comets, and other negative and uncontrollable natural activities be subdued or even prevented. If this happens, mankind will be completely in-charge of the world in the way that God intended when he handed over dominion of the world to man in the beginning.



  • When humans beings are able to rope a hurricane, then I might think,
    ‘mankind will be completely in-charge of the world’.
    You have presented some interesting theories.

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    • hahaha😄… wow, when human beings are able to rope a hurricane? that’s some great thinking… i wish I could propose such a project to the world’s eminent scientists so they could work on it….but if that could be achieved, then it would signify that mankind has finally arrived at a level of complete dominance over natural forces…

      Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting… I really enjoyed your visit and comment…

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  • Very interesting and informative article! I really hope that someday we can really prevent the natural disaster or at least minimize the damage they cause, as you said, it will be great
    It’s a great description to the ideas evolution from mystical / spiritual to nature laws and science and all its great achievements! Thank you for sharing

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    • Thanks alot for reading, and also for your awesome comments and positivity over the possibility that man could prevent natural disasters. I don’t know about the faith, or lack of faith in other people, but personally I believe that all things are possible to them that believe—that’s why this age is simply great, and we are out of the stone age where low-life people just believed in some gods or other form(s) of mysticism or magic… man has shifted his mindset from mysticism and spirituality to self-belief, and the fact that he can do all things he believes in his heart—and evidence of scientific and technological discoveries have proven a great difference between the man of today, and the man of the distant past.

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      • My pleasure always to read such interesting posts!
        Well of course this age is simply great, can you imagine being stuck in an age where we just worship the natural powers and give them gods names or still worshiping magic and we just receive what we can’t understand blindly…As you said nowadays men believe in their mind and abilities and they try to achieve more and more which is totally great and for the good and evolution of humanity…Science has accomplished wonders and still the best is yet to come I believe
        Thank you for your reply!

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  • I can’t hang with you on this one Ihagh, with all due respect. What I’m going to to is blog on this in my next post so I can explain myself scientifically. Most important, gravity is not a force of nature according to the theory of relativity. At play here, and not fully understood are the 4 dimensions, or space-time. And then, there is no ways humans control the earth’s cycles and actions. Our SUN does that whose energy comes from the galactic core. Humans are just little animals on the planet that reproduce like rabbits and have big egos. We need to gain a more rational perspective of our place in the Web of life.

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    • The fourth dimension of relativity is the idea that space and time can be compressed to a singular point. In ancient Semitic/Aramaic thought the past is your present. Nonetheless gravity exist in Quantum physics and mechanics which exists in the Laws of Nature. You would also have to combine Nuclear fusion and mechanics into the equation to figure out gravity. As far as dimensions there are more then 4 as per mathematical calculations they are trying to prove the 4 one through the Cern collider along with what is black mass or what we know as black holes. Man added the verb tense future.

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    • Lisa, thanks for visiting, reading and commenting, but first of all I have to admit that if mankind has the type of belief expressed by your comments, then nothing great would have been achieved AT ALL: we wouldn’t go to the moon, we won’t harness solar energy, genes won’t be modified, etc etc. We would likely still live in the stone age if man continues to believe that “they can’t control this or that, or the Earth’s cycles”. If man can’t control the Earth’s cycles, why is there climate change that has been associated with man-made activities? Why are colder places becoming warmer, etc, etc? Doesn’t this tell you that man is altering the natural functioning of the Earth?

      For your information, gravity or gravitational force is a natural force. I can’t agree with you that it’s mystical or something else. You can search the internet and read more on the subject of gravity or gravitational force.

      Also, your comment that we need to gain a more rational perspective or “our place in the web of life” sounds a bit weak and could diminish one’s faith, especially the faith of those who believe that “all things are possible”—TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE—not to the unbelieving, but those who believe…its better to have faith rather than rationality or reason, because reason tells us not to go to the moon because blah, blah, blah; not to do this or that because we are just tiny human beings who haven’t been given that type of power… blah, blah, blah…

      The faith of great minds saw man on the moon, despite all challenges and negativity, and helped man to actually get there, and even beyond… there are many other great instances, too many to mention, but I’ll stop here.

      Please, I would like you to know that my belief system aligns with what God said in his word, and coupled with all the great things that have been achieved—all greater things are possible, irrespective of what science or anybody says.

      Thank you.

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      • You’re over-reacting to what I said before I’ve even started to communicate my position on my blog. And putting words in my mouth. Just be patient please as what you are projecting in this response is not my position whatsoever. Please wait. Thanks.

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        • Lisa, sorry if my comments made you think I’m over-reacting; actually, if you read my comments, word by word, you would observe that each comment is in direct response to some of the points you raised—nothing more, nothing less. The only thing I would like to say is that our respective mindsets about the potential mankind has to achieve great things, seems to be very very dissimilar. I don’t usually get involved in comments or beliefs that are at variance with the type of potential I see in man with regard to creating great deeds. Thank you for visiting and expressing your own opinion about what you think.


          • Wow, please stop assuming all of this about me which is patently untrue. You’re going to have to wait to hear me out if you truly want top appear rational. I’m ready to discuss this respectfully without assumptions. I’m not making assumptions about you! Now, I’m working, have a patient coming. I will get to this by tonight.

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            • Lisa, there are no assumptions. I only stated implications of your comments (which could be wrong) as follows:

              1. “And then, there is no ways humans control the earth’s cycles and actions”, but what’s happening to the Earth’s weather?

              2. “Humans are just little animals on the planet that reproduce like rabbits and have big egos”, but our egos and beliefs have enabled man to peer much into the outer universe.

              3. etc.

              Please, I wouldn’t like to be involved in comments or arguments that would likely be time- and energy-consuming as I’ve experienced in the past when I came up against certain beliefs.

              The thing is that there is a gap between our respective belief systems, and this could make us waste too much time arguing over things that will always be what they’re supposed to be, regardless of what we think.

              Once again, I respect your visit and view, but my orientation about the power God gave man, and my experience of the wonders and great events discovered by man, would prevent me from giving in to some types of beliefs.


              • God gave no power to man except to save himself.  Weather patterns are controlled by magnetic fields and gravitational forces not by Rome or other entities. 


                • “God gave man no power except to save himself?” well, I don’t understand how. Is that a scripture?…

                  “weather patterns are controlled by magnetic fields and gravitational forces?” that could be true, but it’s certainly obvious beyond doubt that when Rome and other entities heat up the planet beyond a reasonable level, even so-called magnetic fields and gravitational forces would be influenced to produce bad and uncomfortable weather to an extent that the magnetic and gravitational fields would be helpless in doing anything good about it…


                  • It is scripture the first parts of Genesis it was always about the family unit. One Man One Woman and the children’s and elders that surround you and the oneness of God in the Garden. We cannot predict the Laws of Nature. I agree to take care of the planet but somethings are beyound our control. The magnetic North Pole has moved to the west. Which means the tilt of the Earth on the North Pole is further away from the Sun. Hence your seeing colder weather, rain , blizzards that are sweeping across America and other places in the world some are getting hotter. The veiled reference to Rome was the words of climate change it is a lie that is fostered by the UN and the EU for governance. Common sense would dictate that man cannot kill the planet in the next 12 yrs or whatever date they keep coming up. It is always changing like the seasons that is the only thing we can predict today we cannot predict tomorrow even Jesus said that watch the seasons. I know computer programming you can make it say anything you want. Man did not heat up the world in 100 yrs, volcanos put more debris in the air in one shot then we have ever done. I believe in clean air but you cannot get away from radioisotope decays rates in non organic materials everything dies. We can only save ourselves in the Garden oneness of God oneness of Man oneness of Woman oneness of the Family. Jesus himself spoke , “I did not come to pray for the world but to those who come to me”.

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                    • Thanks for the time you’ve taken to write your thoughtful comments. What I don’t quite agree with is your statement that man can’t kill the planet in the next 12 years.

                      In case you don’t know, today, if man decides, he won’t wait for any other thing to kill the planet, rather he would use atomic weapons or channel other forms of energy to kill everything on Earth and vaporize what is left today—not in 1 month or several years, but today.

                      vulcanoes do not take place as frequently as burning of fossil fuel and coal which occurs on a minute-to-minute and daily basis; so no need for making comparisons between vulcanoes and man-made combustions…

                      also, vulcanoes are natural, and the Earth’s renewing geological cycles have been cleaning up their moderate or low rate of emissions. on the other hand, burning of fossil fuels and coals are man-made, and undergo combustion at a rate that is faster than the Earth can naturally clean up. the combined negative effect of a countable number of vulcanoes can’t be compared with the combined negative effect of an uncountable number of fossil fuel and coal combustions

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                    • Understandable thoughts man will kill himself faster then he can the climate. It you look at the 10th commandment,” Do not covet,” why would you covet what
                      I worked for , to take my wealth that I accumulated and give it to a stranger? Whose god I do not know who he serves?

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              • I posted my position on my blog. Feel free to respond.This discussion is about science, not beliefs.

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      • They were patronizing as well, not surprisingly.

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  • Great article. If you go and look at the earliest recorded religion this belongs to the Sumerians 3500 BC. They surmised that the gods came came down from heaven and created man and woman and everything around them. But everything had a spirit in it so the result was that they created 3000 gods or goddesses. The rulers of the Sumerians created their temples and men were were put on Earth to slave to the gods that was their thoughts of gods and life around them. In the Old Testament this was the cradle of civilization between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This where the tower of Babel came from. This is a philosophical imagery that these religions spun off this tower (ideas of gods) and flowed across the world and other men created new religions to enslave men and women to political governance.
    As far as controlling the weather that will never happen. Man as smart as he thinks he is does but does not know how gravity works, he cannot explain it. The moon is losing its elliptical orbit at about a half inch every year moving away from the Earth. This causes the weather changes across the world you are seeing. The moon is the biggest controller of weather on Earth through the ebb and flow of tides and the big currents of the El Nino in the Pacific Ocean.
    The world itself is losing its elliptical orbit because the tilt of the North Pole, magnetic North is moving to the West therefore things are getting colder more rain, earthquakes etc. The trend will continue because everything decays and dies. The calculations of the Earth’s orbits are so precise that if it loses a foot in its elliptical orbit around the Sun. Either pulled into the Sun or away from the Sun life will cease to exist on Earth. Man is not the cause of climate change. It is the Laws of Nature that exist in the oneness of God. As it states I will not destroy the world with a flood but with fire just food for thought.
    The first slave revolt occurred at around 6000 BC in the mountains of Zargos in Turkey. Mankind has been enslaving everything that moves for thousands of years. Babylon was known as the,” gateway to the gods”. It also had a duel meaning it also meant “gateway to god”, singular.
    I believe in the ancient Semitic/Aramaic Old Testament the oneness of God that you see in Nature around you, your world that you live in with the oneness of man and the oneness of woman. That become enjoined in their minds the oneness of God. That is the bone taken from man. His strength his convictions (mind) to the ideas of words and gods. The ancient script did not have a letter to designate a rib. The early church put that in there to subjugate the woman to a life of servitude in a male dominated culture. If you read about Deborah in the book of Judges; 4 & 5 she was one of 12 Judges of the ancient Hebrews . She ruled for 40 years and the land was prosperous and peaceful this was before King David’s time.
    Nonetheless I hold no ethnic religious affiliations to the temple’s of men. I believe like the ancient Semitic/Aramaic thoughts of the cycle of life, the past is your present, they did not have a verb tense for future.
    Just a little food to chew on from an elder that learned to interpret the lands of Genesis in ancient Mesopotamia. I am not Jewish the ancient Aramaics were different then modern day Jewish people. Jesus himself spoke Aramaic not Greek.
    Great article that you wrote keep going down the path and narrow your thoughts on the oneness of God and you the nuclear family of God.

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    • Ron, thanks alot for your comments and information regarding events of the distant past. Although, I’ve read about the Sumerians and the so-called gods who came down to Earth, there is still no concrete proof available that they came to Earth and created man.

      Another thing, is that your comment that “as far as controlling the weather, that will never happen”, makes me laugh because the recent cries over climate change and global warming have all been linked to man-made activities, not some spiritual or mystical influence. Its caused by our fellow humans who have been depending on and burning too much nonrenewable resources like fossil fuels and coal—thereby heating up the planet and influencing or controlling weather in a way.

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  • All that is interesting . but without love we have nothing

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  • I hagh G. T., loved your posts! Enlightening, educational and informative, thank you. I also want to let you know how appreciative you liked my hissacredheart1 post. Thank you, so much.

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    • Thanks alot: I deeply appreciate your visit and positive comments regarding my posts. My visit to your post was a satisfying one because I found it interesting to read


  • Very educational and informative post!

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  • This is such an interesting article, and you have explained everything with an unique perspective, thanks for sharing

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  • ilonapulianauskaite

    What a lot of powerful information, i like your educational post, have a nice day🤗

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    • Thanks alot for your positive comment about the post 😄—very encouraging. I deeply appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit and read.

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      • ilonapulianauskaite

        I’m big fan of Thomas Edison, i like to read informative posts, it helps to improve my english.. 🤗

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        • 👍👍👍… I’m also a fan Thomas Edison who is up there among the greatest and most brilliant inventors: his thinking is/was awesome…

          I’m just like you: continuous reading of informative posts has improved my English writing skills, and it still continues to do so…I’ve found out that I still learn every day whenever I read…

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          • ilonapulianauskaite

            What is your first languages?🙂

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            • Sometimes I don’t know the appropriate answer to give when I’m asked what my first language is. This is because I was about 3 years old, and still learning my native language in Nigeria, when my dad got scholarship to USA and took me and the family there.

              On getting to USA, we spent several years during which I learnt how to speak and write English language. Funny enough, I forgot how to speak the little amount of native language I knew at almost 3 years of age. I had to start learning it all over again when we came back to Nigeria.

              Before and after we came back to Nigeria, I became very good with speaking, but I wasn’t too good with writing and punctuation until I started reading interesting books and articles of leading authors and authoritative websites that use good English grammar and punctuation.

              Although, not all articles/content on leading authors or websites are always interesting, the way they use proper English grammar and punctuation is remarkable, and has a lot one can learn from, if one can find and take time to read and study their writings.

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  • Great and interesting post

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  • Nice to meet you!
    Please read the mythology of Japan, “Japanese Journal” and “Kojiki”!
    In Japan, the era of the Emperor was convicted and the era was called “Reiwa”.

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  • I am very happy!
    Thank you 😊

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  • I do recognize the advance of technology. That should not, however, be confused w/ the advance of enlightenment. When mankind was given dominion of creation by God, it was not His intent that we should demolish the earth. Sin, unfortunately, entered the picture — corrupting our efforts ever since.

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting; however, I would like you to note that “enlightenment” in the context of this article, means enlightenment that has lead to technological advancement—not spiritual enlightenment, or any other meaning which you might have thought about.

      Also, the post asks a question: can mankind become complete masters of natural forces? It highlights points that do not give either a precise “yes” or “no” as answers.

      This has nothing to do with mankind demolishing the Earth, contrary to what GOD wanted. It will be appreciated if a comment is given, which resonates with the body of the post and answers the question in the title.

      Sin has nothing to do with the post because mankind is controlling nature more and more, irrespective of all the sins that are much more than ever before.

      To make the question in the title clear, and also the points in the body clear too—and based on your understanding/comment—can mankind completely master natural forces, respect or irrespective of sin and the fact that GOD never intended that mankind should demolish the Earth? Probably, the previous statement/question would be clearer to you, even though sin, and GOD’s initial intention, are not the major points in the post.

      Thank you.


  • Biblically: mankind is imperfect and the earth is being ruined; God promises to help mankind when the causes of imperfection are set right. Science has been a great help and support to mankind but equally has been a cause of great disaster.

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    • thank you for your wise comment—very very wise…I agree with you: actually, GOD has seen the later and destructive parts of mankind’s journey, and promised many forms of help, even though some of mankind’s good-intentioned inventions would be used to mankind’s self-destruction…

      Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting…


  • yay google is my queen aided me to find this outstanding internet site! .

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  • Such an interesting. enlightening post!

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  • Respect to website author , some wonderful entropy.

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