Where are scientific & technological inventions taking us to? What more will be discovered in future?

A visit to our ancestors

If it were possible to visit the past times in which our ancient ancestors actually existed, and inform them about the wonderful inventions and discoveries of the present times or age, we might be looked upon as powerful magicians—or as magicians of the ancient gods. Also, if our ancient ancestors were able to visit the present-day times, they might feel the same way.

Until the day mankind successfully produces and operates a time machine (which has been the dream of many fictionists, and the goal of many scientists), the concept of a “time machine” will remain among the impossible feats that many people believe mankind “will never be able to achieve”—as they always say. Remember the story about the Tower of Babel, right? From GOD’s response, almost everyone will believe that people can achieve whatever they set their hearts on.

The awe-inspiring paths of science

Although it’s not yet possible to travel back to the dark ages of our ancestors, we can still take a look at history and see the awesome scientific progression of science from the past to the present: now jet planes soar in the skies at will; rockets explore part of our solar system (The Milky Way), the moon and other planet; scanners give clear views of the inner part of the living body, and mobile phones keep us in contact with anyone in the world.

But this seems to be just the beginning: science is not static; its impact is still multiplying all around us

If it were possible to take count of the number of scientific articles that have been published, we’ll be shocked by the number of times the quantity of scientific information is multiplying every decade or so.

Discovery of new knowledge, innovations and inventions are modifying and changing all the political, economic, industrial and social platforms; also, it is either overturning old, reverenced and widely-held beliefs, or making other ones obsolete.

Where is this voyage of science & technology taking us to? What more will we be able to discover in future?

Can we picture what the world would look like in the year 2500, 2600, or so? By the year 2500, scientific and technological developments could have risen to such a level that people might think that mankind’s destiny is to become little controllers of the universe—little masters of the universe.

It is widely believed that ancient magicians and the ancient gods of past ages used magical tools, potions and  unknown spells to do great deeds and wonders; in the present and future ages, science and technology will use the faith and science behind AI (artificial intelligence), computers, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and most of all, the quantum theory, which is believed to be the foundation behind earlier technologies.

By the year 2500, will we be able to control the movement and positions of objects with the invisible power of our minds?

Will electronics, phones and computers be able to read our thoughts and inner commands, and do what we want without any need to touch them?

With the advanced knowledge of biotechnology and medicine, will mankind be able to strengthen people’s bodies and extend their life spans?

Will mankind be able to create forms of life that have never appeared on Earth before?

Unlike prophet Elijah and some of the ancient gods who were believed to have rode on fiery chariots, will mankind be able to soar the skies effortlessly in vehicles that don’t require the use of fuel?

Will mankind be able to send space ships to nearby and distant planets, solar systems and galaxies?

Will mankind be able to discover and interact with other more intelligent forms of life that live outside our galaxy?

Possibilities abound because of past & present planted seeds of technology

Although it looks bleak and hopeless for many scientific dreams to turn into reality, the seeds of technology that have been planted support the possibility that anything imagined can be achieved—just anything. Faith, modern science and technology—not chanting and incantations—could give mankind the power to achieve anything.

But, once again, where are all these scientific & technological advancements leading us to?

Are they leading us to hell, heaven, or anything in between? What will be the final termination point of this amazing, unending and unpredictable voyage of science and technology?

What will be greatest and most unsurpassable transition in history?

What will mark the most distinct departure from past and present civilizations?

What is the limit that mankind won’t be able to go beyond?

Unless mankind succumbs to the evil forces of selfishness, stupidity and chaos—just like it plays around with nuclear energy—the greatest deeds that can be achieved are certainly inevitable.



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