The reality of time: it places challenges on our paths in order to teach & mature us spiritually


Generally, people say “time” flies, passes by, or changes. Challenges, which are quite common to all living things, are believed to change in the same manner that time does. Most often, when challenges and negative situations occur or change for the worse, people develop a new belief that is contradictory to the one they held prior to the change or passage of time.

But, does time actually pass by? Does it change? No, time doesn’t pass by, or change; it stands still! Time is static or stationary. We are the ones who make it look like it changes whenever we do what we want with it: slow it down, make it hurry, etc.!

Like GOD, time is also eternal, and will be the same, today, as it was yesterday, and as it will continue to be in hundreds, thousands or millions of years to come!

Depending on whether we make proper use of time, or not, our experiences, challenges and spiritual maturity, or perspective about life will change for the better, or the worse. Due to different periods of time assigned by mankind, we are able to jump into the past and obtain records for the purpose of enriching our knowledge, learning lessons, etc.

We can also take a leap into the future and acquire complete or incomplete knowledge about insights or experiences which could occur on the basis of strong evidence or feelings about present-day conditions.

In the sight of GOD, and probably in the eyes of many of us, time is the custodian of all experiences, and hasn’t allowed any of them to get missing. Religious books inform us that God has a book (the Book of Life) which faithfully and impartially records the times of all experiences, and all things.

The reality about time’s challenges

What’s the real deal about time’s challenges—or the challenges time sends as obstacles along our paths? The truth is that what we believe is a life-threatening challenge today, we will come to recognize as a step toward success/greatness tomorrow: this is one perspective and reality about challenges that everybody should hold in their pockets and use as a source of inspiration towards a greater future.

Once again: time, like the laws of GOD, is permanent and doesn’t change—it is eternal! Some people might say time changes because their experiences and challenges change, and our physical senses, just like many of us, are used to constant changes of form! However, time doesn’t change.

We need to muster our inner strengths, be optimistic, change our perspectives about challenges, and look at them—not only as steps to greatness—but also as foundations that will enlighten us on our paths towards maturity—especially spiritual maturity. If you look at the countless challenges that were ever surmounted, you will be convinced that you can overcome any challenge and use it as a ladder to material and spiritual success.

Whenever you overcome a strong challenge, you will no longer be anxious or afraid of challenges; rather, the aftermath of your positive outcome will calm all your nerves and empower your spirit with—at least—a minimum amount of faith required to tackle and overcome any future obstacles.

What your mindset should be: challenges are gifts that are meant to mature & empower you spiritually

Whenever challenges present themselves, welcome them with optimism, and embrace them as necessary steps to freedom and to spiritual maturity. Look at challenges as gifts that will bring you untold benefits, and it will be easier for you to control and overcome them.

Challenges are placed on your pathway to teach and to mature you; whether they are a result of some evil you have committed or not, they will help you to advance on the eternal spiritual path of life, which outlasts this short physical life.

Always be optimistic and set out to meet all challenges with a bold heart. If you can be able to look at challenges from a positive perspective, you will realize that they are for your own lasting good!

In many instances, it is immature to pray or hope for challenges to be removed or completely eradicated.

Every challenge, every conflict, every pain and sorrow points towards progress. Challenges should be looked upon as opportunities that should be used to strengthen the most important part of their lives—the spiritual eternal part.

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