Vibrations of invisible GOD’s greatness are in all the visible things around us

It’s true that no one on Earth has seen GOD, and no one will likely ever be able to see GOD with their physical eyes. It would be the greatest feat ever, if it happens.

Good enough, people have been able to feel the vibrations of GOD’s greatness, as evidenced in great miracles, inward spiritual nourishment, inspiration from GOD’s creations/creatures, etc.

If people can stop themselves from being partially or completely carried away by the challenges and trivialities of everyday life, and pay little attention to the small and great physical things, creations and events that surround them, then their understanding of GOD’s greatness will definitely be broadened, and their faith will be uplifted. Once this happens, it could lead to a greater inward/spiritual understanding about life.

If people follow the footsteps of some scientists and take time to observe creation in their surroundings, they will hardly believe that they never took notice of the greatness of GOD in the astonishing things around them.

In fact, a deep reflection would suddenly reveal a lot of orderly phenomena, and the greatness of a whole different world which has been nourished by the unerring hand of the supreme GOD.

Every visible part of creation has roots in the unseen world

Take it or leave it, the seeds and roots of this great but little visible world, has its roots deep down in the invisible or spiritual parts of creation—which are invisible to most pairs of unaided eyes.

Many people have no idea that with a little observation of their surroundings, they could acquire inner strength, stamina and vibrations, as companions that could motivate them on this journey of life.

Such vibrations, acquired by observing GOD’s creations, could help people perceive GOD’s greatness, which is the source of all physical and transcendental forms of life.

Due to study and observation, many scientists seem to be more aware of the greatness of GOD in everything—much more than some believers do

In many ways, people who study and observe GOD’s creation could have more faith in GOD than people whose faith in GOD is shallow, or gained by compulsory attendance religious or spiritual gatherings.

If people observe the simplicity and greatness of everything around them, they will place themselves on a good platform to tap from the vibrations of the invisible powers that are powered by GOD.

Tapping from the vibrations of GOD’s greatness (as gained by observing GOD’s creation), actually goes hand-in-hand with believing, yielding and submitting to belief in the greatness of GOD as expressed through his creations: It means working with faith or deep belief in GOD, instead of being confused or uncertain about it.

Scientists, or people, who gain faith in this way, are not wielding power as many people think; rather, they are humbly submitting to belief in the existence and will of GOD.

Whenever believing scientists ascribe useful discoveries and inventions to their own studies, scientific research or ingenuity, it only means that they have found out how the greatness of GOD and laws of nature work; such scientists recognize the greatness of GOD and align themselves to it, in their sights, thoughts and actions—this means humbly submitting to the invisible greatness of GOD.


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