Do certain miracles abide by logical natural/spiritual laws? Or, are they just arbitrary acts?

Whenever “impossible things” become possible, people call them miracles. Miracles could be regarded as acts that make people to wonder—even long after their occurrence. On the other hand, no matter how awesome miracles are, they are just natural events because they occur in real life.

Some people believe that all things are possible. In fact, many awesome earthly experiences of the greatest envoys (Prophet Elijah, Moses, etc.) of GOD support one of the greatest statements made by Jesus Christ about 2 thousand years ago: “with GOD, all things are possible”—Matthew 19: 26.

The most astonishing miraculous acts that cannot be explained by logic:

  • the heavens and Earth were created. In my humble opinion, this is the first and greatest miracle. Why? Because GOD commanded void space to turn into the wonderful creation which exists in uncountable forms around us—Genesis 1: 1.
  • the parting of the Red Sea—Exodus 14: 1―31.
  • the sun stood still under the command of Joshua—Joshua 10: 12.
  • Daniel’s life was preserved in the lions’ den—Daniel 6: 21.
  • Jesus walked on water.
  • Jesus calmed a raging storm.
  • etc., etc., etc.—too many acts to list.

Lack of a certain degree of logic behind certain miracles, could make them look arbitrary

Typically, most human beings use logic to explain or understand occurrences, phenomena, or acts. Whenever certain occurrences cannot be explained by logic (or science)—especially when spiritual or divine power seems to be at play—people tend to think that the GOD’s natural or spiritual laws might have been altered in order to spring such occurrences into life.

The hype around certain miracles could make anyone think that miracles associated with envoys of GOD—and GOD in particular—are somewhat arbitrary because GOD is omnipotent, and does whatever he wants, and whenever he wants, or likes to.

Let’s take a look at certain things GOD cannot do—even though it’s believed in some quarters, that with GOD, all things are possible:

  • GOD cannot lie—Hebrews 6: 18.
  • GOD cannot change—Malachi 3: 6—he is the same yesterday, today and forever.
  • GOD cannot break covenants, or alter anything that comes out of his mouth—Psalm 89: 34.
  • GOD cannot stand evil—Isaiah 59: 2.
  • GOD cannot be pleased without faith—Hebrews 11: 6.

So, you see; there are quite a number of things the great and almighty GOD cannot do, despite all the power under his control.

Funny enough, even though quite a number of people know that GOD cannot do certain things, they feel that he can twist natural or spiritual laws arbitrarily in order to make certain miracles occur.

People tend to think GOD circumvents his laws because they assume he has human nature which is prone to making changes in order to suit shallow desires. Well, GOD is not human like we are.

In the view of certain people, a miracle is something that is possible, only because of the application of mystical, mysterious, divine or spiritual power. For others, miracles are possible because, GOD in his omnipotence, acts arbitrarily and twists laws in order to suit his desires; based on these views, some people believe certain miracles are arbitrary acts.

If miracles are arbitrary, then I could bet that such miracles are not from GOD

Inasmuch as there is still a lot to learn about GOD and his unseen laws, many of us still believe that GOD’s work is logical, perfect, and has no flaws or gaps.

Perfection implies a precise and logical sequence of events in every respect; it doesn’t matter whether we have full knowledge about such precision/logic or not.

Based on this view, miracles should be seen as a natural acts that would ordinarily have taken a longer path and unparalleled speed to occur—either as a result of an individual’s special knowledge/gift, or some other causes.

Lack of sufficient knowledge (natural or spiritual) could make people feel that some miracles are arbitrary acts

If we study events in the history of mankind, it would be easy to understand that certain acts were/are called miracles because they occurred during a time when there was insufficient knowledge about what made them to occur—either natural or spiritual.

For instance, certain diseases in the past (which are easily cured today), only existed because there wasn’t sufficient knowledge to cure them in the past. The same applies to many natural processes that science and technology can control today, but which posed a serious problem in the distant past.

When diseases are healed or natural forces are controlled (which until a few years ago were believed to be incurable and uncontrollable), it doesn’t mean an arbitrary change in natural or spiritual laws has taken place; rather, it shows that there were gaps and many deficiencies in human knowledge.

Regardless of the reason behind any miracle, none of them could possibly occur outside GOD’s natural or spiritual laws, which are the foundation for everything we can and cannot see.

The author of this article is of the opinion that nothing that is imprecise and deficient in logic, can/will ever emanate from God.

Knowledge is power: the acquisition of more natural and spiritual knowledge could erase thoughts of arbitrariness behind certain miracles

All miracles occur at much higher level and speed, and should be looked upon as absolutely natural acts, irrespective of how great, wonderful, and appealing they look.

As we aim for more knowledge, we have to be grateful to GOD for sending his envoys and giving pure-minded individuals special power which they have used for the welfare of suffering humanity.

The recorded experiences of many great envoys of GOD has shed a lot of natural and spiritual light, and strengthened our faith to believe that anything can be achieved.

And, irrespective of religion, there have been people who have had natural or spiritual insight/abilities which are “out-of-this-world” and cannot be gained by indulging in earthly or scientific endeavors.

Faith in too much logic, earthly knowledge and scientific study seem to naturally hinder the possibility of receiving higher knowledge, gifts and abilities from GOD.

Thank you.

It could be difficult to agree whether some miracles are arbitrary acts or not; that’s why comments about your opinion will be appreciated in the comment section.


  • Logic is a tool, it has uses some places, but like any tool it should not be used everywhere. Like a screw driver (tool) will be of no help when you need a welding tool. Different tools, different purposes and different application areas.

    When one does the ‘impossible’, they do bring it into reality. That creates a wake if you will. Imagine the visible trails you see behind a plane as it makes its way through the sky. That plane, is like an impossible achieved and those who are able to connect with the potential of it can come to do that ‘impossible’ also.

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    • Thanks alot for visiting and making such a great comment with very good points. I agree with your idea behind impossibilities, and admire your use of words and objects to express it.

      I really appreciate your time.

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  • “The author of this article is of the opinion that nothing that is imprecise and deficient in logic, can/will ever emanate from God.” Though our definitions of what we call God may differ I agree with this statement. I further believe that manifestation is God and God is manifestation. Same. No difference Non duality.

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    • Thanks alot for your brilliant comment. I strongly believe that if you agree with the statement I made (which you quoted), then our definitions or feelings about GOD could be closely related, if not similar. I’m very much impressed with your statement that manifestation (in my opinion: of anything, small, great, physical, spiritual, mystical, etc.) is GOD, and GOD is manifestation.

      Thank you for taking time to visit, read and make a very meaningful remark.


  • ‘Where is God not?” (non duality) And that we are communicating these thoughts by way of this tool-the internet- to me is a miracle. 🙏🏻

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  • The SkyDome miracle that I wrote about on my blog today was real. I witnessed it myself.

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  • Since God is the one who created everything, he is therefore the one who can decide when and where to intervene in his creation to perform what we call a miracle. I think of it this way, if I am driving and I have a green light it means I can go through the intersection. But if a police officer signals traffic to stop that has the green light, we need to stop because the police officer has the authority to intervene in the normal traffic laws as needed. God has the authority to intervene in ‘natural law’ because he created nature in the first place.

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  • I believe that also on this subject it’s weather you believe in God or you don’t.
    For an example, atheists don’t think that God created this world… therefore they will find scientific explanation to anything that happen!
    There are also people that believe that God intervene in all small details and almost everything is a miracle…which I don’t know how much both opinions are accurate…
    I believe in miracles but I also believe in nature and science powers, I can’t tell if miracles are arbitrary acts or meant to be as per God’s will , I guess it’s where you must decide if God is there or not, there is bigger plan or not, God knows everything or not…
    Great subject but I believe that there are no absolute answers
    Thank you for the information and the good analysis 👍

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  • God’s ways are beyond the brains, but experienced through heart as miracles.. very nice article 😊❤

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    • Thank you for visiting and making 2 meaningful points. I agree with you that GOD’s ways are beyond human understanding—to a great extent. On the other hand, if we believe in karma, GOD’s commandments, etc., etc., then certainly GOD has laws that have reasons or logic behind them—a logic that is certainly far higher than human logic—that’s where I appreciate the fact that GOD’s ways cannot be comprehended—to a certain degree, especially in the invisible world…but GOD’s envoys seem to comprehend GOD’s ways to a much higher degree than the average man; probably because they have more understanding about how the invisible world works …

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  • Believing in miracles can make a difference in life… people are not as depressed when they believe a miracle can change their situation

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    • yes, definitely, you are right: miracles can actually make people to be more positive, and increase their faith—even to a point that another miracle could happen around such people whose faith has been positively influenced and uplifted by previous miracles. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  • Great article, I enjoy reading them and all the comments.

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  • Hi, you’ve got a great blog here. Deep and interesting articles. I wanted to invite you to be a part of the From Darkness to light event that we’re having at The Seeker’s Dungeon. If you have any interest, you can find the full details here: I’d love to have you be a part of it.

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    • 👍👍👍… Thanks alot for the plaudits… I’m always void of enough words to express appreciation for them. I’ve checked up the “From Darkness to Light” event, and must admit that I am interested, because I have a feeling I have an inspiring little personal experience of a journey that shead light in darkness, although I am yet to pen such a story down in readable form.

      If am right, personal inspiring nonfiction stories are required for submission…I will re-read the details again, start putting ideas down, and come up with something, but probably not too soon… I hope submissions won’t be stopped soon… how long will submissions continue to be open? please do reply. I am interested but do need a bit of time.

      I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit, read and make a positive remark.

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      • You are correct about the details. I will keep the event going as long as their are people to participate. At least a month. You definitely have a couple weeks to think about it. Thanks for checking it out. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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        • Your welcome. Thanks alot for the information. Motivation is my thing and I may be able to come up with something that could ignite and inspire others, and continuously grow into greater and greater light. When I am ready, I will contact you via my email:

          Have a wonderful day and future.


  • Guruji, Paramhansa Yogananda, says that what people call miracles are nothing but out come of higher spiritual laws.
    Reason and Feeling go hand in hand. Both are needed. Intuition on the other hand is a higher faculty and is the focal point of head and heart


  • How lovely and wise … my feeling (and experience) is, when we consider God instead of our circumstances, amazing things can happen … supernaturally. – tsk

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    • 👍👍👍… Very very true; rhymes with some of my experiences too…if a person thinks about GOD completely, instead of thinking or worrying about their circumstances, then wonderful things can just happen…the point you made is a very important one: people should feed their minds much more with GOD instead of feeding their minds with their circumstances

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  • Thank you for following my blog!

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  • Thank you for your deep thoughts. Your blog post has given me lots of food for thought. I struggle with the “God can’t”. To me, that seems to put limits on God. Maybe, it’s that He will not. You got me reading my Bible and that is a good thing. I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    Thanks for the “like” on my blog, a little light reading.

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    • thanks alot for your positive remark regarding the post… I appreciate it… well, the statement “GOD cannot… ” and others like “it is impossible for GOD to”, … can be easily seen in different versions of the Bible…actually, I lifted the words from there… on the other hand, I agree with you that “will not” could more respectful to the omnipotence of GOD’s power, even though “will not” still implies that there are reasons, and at the end of the day, reasons are still a bit like limitations…good enough, I know GOD can do whatever he wants, but he has placed rules on himself and the whole creation, and he doesn’t exempt himself from the rules… that’s one interesting thing about the almighty GOD… thanks for visiting, reading and commenting…

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  • Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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    • I’m doing great…I’m not too active on Twitter, but it would still be okay if you follow me. My twitter address is @godwinihagh… on the other hand, you can subscribe directly to this website via the email subscription button at the top or bottom of the right side of the page on desktop 🖥… thank you for visiting 😄 and commenting… it’s a pleasure communicating with you


  • I am constantly searching online for ideas that can facilitate me. Thank you!

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  • I believe in miracles because miracles only happen to those who believe in them. People who are logical do not understand miracles. God is omnipotent and omnipresent and is within everybody. Stay in touch Ihagh 🙂

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    • rightly said: miracles happen to people who believe in them; we get what we give… very inspiring: many people don’t know or won’t admit it that GOD’s omnipotence is actually within us…thanks Dave ✌️

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  • stays on topic and states valid points. Thank you.

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  • I’m asking you to imagine that reality is stranger and more complicated than you or I could possibly know. And sometimes we get glimpses of it, in dreams or in déjà vu. #TheOA needs your help. #SaveTheOA

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  • you may have a fantastic blog right here! would you like to make some invite posts on my weblog?

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  • Very well written information. It will be beneficial to anybody who usess it, as well as yours truly :). Keep up the good work – for sure i will check out more posts.

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  • Thanks for this this ! A few years ago I visited Assisi, Italy, home of St. Francis. It is very hilly there, and I was concerned that some elderly members of our group would fall. In front of my eyes, a woman fell, but she bounced back up, completely unharmed. I shall never forget this ! God delights in miracles, both large and small. 🤗

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  • Miracles are not illogical nor does belief in miracles imply someone is illogical. Someone is illogical when they hold beliefs that violate logical laws like the law of non-contradiction. But believing that Jesus rose from the dead does not necessarily lead to a contradiction with my other beliefs.

    Your description of miracles seems to make them illogical. But I don’t think your description is a typical understanding.

    “Whenever “impossible things” become possible, people call them miracles. Miracles could be regarded as acts that make people to wonder—even long after their occurrence. On the other hand, no matter how awesome miracles are, they are just natural events because they occur in real life.”

    Miracles are often understood as God suspending the natural laws that normally apply. So people can’t normally walk on water because of natural laws that apply in the world. But believing that God can suspend those laws is not inconsistent with believing they normally apply. It is not a natural act because it is a supernatural act of God.

    But if you believe God is supernatural, and not bound by the natural world then you would not think miracles are impossible. Take a “miracle touchdown.” Did God nudge the ball a bit further so the receiver could catch it? If so then he acted in the world and it was truly a miracle. But if the ball was just acting according to normal natural laws then it was not a miracle in the true sense.

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    • thanks a lot for your perspective…but my view is that everything is natural, and GOD doesn’t just do things arbitrarily; thats why he can’t lie and go against his words and commandments…there are spiritual laws that work for those who know how; so nothing is really a miracle, and those who know how can do all things except bad or evil

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      • Ihagh, I am with you here 100%, God created these rules and states in his word…He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We can “rest” in the knowledge that the principles he laid down HE will never usurp them.

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        • thanks for such a thoughtful comment…I can comfortably say it’s the best I’ve read concerning what I really tried to point out in the post; very brief and straight to the point without being ambiguous and jumping out of point…

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