Are certain people servants of GOD, or part-time servants of themselves? Who are the real servants of GOD?

I am not the best judge around. Even if I’m the best judge, I’m not GOD. And even if I’m not GOD, I still will still make an observation that, without good reasons, many people assume that the servants of temples, mosques, churches and many religious movements are servants of GOD. In fact, a lot of people believe that the attendees of temples, mosques, churches, amongst others, are the real servants of GOD.

The experiences (coupled with the body of knowledge) I have acquired in life have convinced me that it is not necessary for someone to be religious before they can be regarded as a real servant of GOD.

Don’t get me wrong: attending temples, mosques and churches could nourish the spirit and give enlightenment, amongst other things. However, being a real servant of GOD goes way beyond just participating in religious activities; it also entails obeying the commandments of GOD, and giving love and service to our fellow human beings—and the world in general.

But first, a reflection on some important words of wisdom—in addition to the obvious fact that if we love one another, then GOD surely dwells in us

Although I’m from a Christian background, I believe that the scriptures of other religious books have passages that are almost similar in meaning with the following biblical passages:

  • 1st John 4: 12: “No man hath seen GOD at any time. If we love one another, GOD dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.”
  • 1st John 4: 16: “And we have known and believed the love that GOD hath to us. GOD is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in GOD, and GOD in him.”
  • 1st John 4: 20:  “If a man say, I love GOD, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love GOD whom he hath not seen?”
  • 1st John 4: 21: “And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth GOD love his brother also.”

Important question: “Is it right to disregard (or not accept as servants of GOD) those who believe in GOD, abide by GOD’s commandments, and love or and help their fellow human beings, even though they never had the opportunity to hear about, believe in, or accept any of the messengers of GOD?”

There are certain people in each religion who believe that the scriptures from their religious books—which convey similar meaning with the biblical scriptures quoted above—apply only to the groups of people who personally accept either Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, etc., as the ultimate messenger of GOD.

I find it hard to stick with this belief because history and experience have proven that regardless of religious affiliation, many people who attend temples, mosques and churches disobey GOD’s commandments, qdon’t have any empathy and love for their fellow human beings, even though they spend countless hours listening to messages of love and GOD in their respective religious congregations.

So, I’m left to believe that a real servant of GOD is anyone who abides by GOD’s commandments, shows empathy or love, and helps their fellow human beings—and probably other living things, and the world.

If we believe that the real servants of GOD are only those who “accept or believe in any messenger of GOD”, abide by GOD’s commandments, and love or and help their fellow human beings, then is it right to disregard those who abide by GOD’s commandments, and love or and help their fellow human beings, even though they’ve never had any opportunity to hear about, accept or believe in any of the messengers of GOD?

I don’t think it’s right to disregard those who tick all the boxes, but don’t have the chance or opportunity—or whatever you may call it—to believe in any of the messengers of GOD.

The act of obeying GOD’s commandments, and giving, loving and helping, certainly qualifies one to be a servant of GOD

In my opinion, a real servant of GOD is anybody who abides by GOD’s commandments, shows empathy or love, and helps their fellow human beings (and probably other living things, and the world.

It is not enough to attend services practiced in temples, mosques and churches in order to be regarded as a genuine servant of GOD.

Most likely, the great living GOD won’t accept (as servants) any religious person who doesn’t have love, empathy and concern for the welfare of their fellow human beings.

A real servant of GOD lives according to the basic tenets of GOD, irrespective of their place of birth, the religion they followed as per their parents, or the religion they were chanced or fortunate to join after becoming physical mature; also, irrespective of their status in life—rich or poor—or how they rightfully earn their living on Earth, they are servants of GOD.

Real servants of GOD always do everything within their means to obey the commandments of GOD, and love or help their fellow human beings.

Do you think that being a servant of GOD goes way beyond obeying GOD’s commandments, and loving or helping fellow human beings? What do you think qualifies someone to be a real servant of GOD? Comments about your opinion will be appreciated in the comment section.



  • Yes I believe that Love is the way.
    Let us remember that Jesus is the only person in written or oral history to proclaim “I am the Way, I am the Truth and I am the Life and no man comes to the Father but through me.” This ends all argument for me on the issue of any other master or Savior
    Not Buddha, Not Mohammed, Not Gary, but only through Jesus do we have life and Life more abundant in the Kingdom of the beloved Son. Amen

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    • Thank you for your comments, but even if Jesus said that he is the way, argument doesn’t end, never, especially on judgment day it won’t end because Jesus also knows that not everyone in the world would ever have the opportunity to hear about him…before the knowledge of Jesus spread to many parts of the world (until today it hasn’t touched quite a number of places), there have been very good people, believers of GOD, who are far better off in terms of love and character than many who profess Jesus…in Africa where I live there are many people who haven’t heard about Jesus, and probably never will…so professing that Jesus is the only way, leaves much questions related to whether there is any justice in people being fortunate about knowing or hearing about Jesus… it is unfortunate and very unfair to generalize such comments (that Jesus is the way and no one cometh to GOD) on the whole world that consists of multitudes of people from diverse backgrounds, with fortunate or unfortunate conditions of birth and life.

      Thank you for taking time to visit, read and comment…

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      • The scripture is straight forward in dealing with this issue.
        Please remember that only scripture can interpret scripture. And only scripture (The Word) has all Authority . Any other way of portraying our beliefs of a certain scripture is heresy according to scripture itself in Paul’s epistles.
        He says that the Word of God is not open for discussion in our private interpretations.
        This being said we know by scripture that those who have not heard the Gospel will be saved through the weighing of their heart.

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        • your accepted scripture is straight forward, but there is no need to think only about yourself; for thousands of years, many good people have been unfortunate not to have heard about Jesus or the scripture you were fortunate to have been exposed to—either due to the fact that you were born in a Christian family, or that you lived within or around a Christian community that preached to you in a way that made it easy for you to accept Jesus…

          what do you have to say about the very good souls that died in the past (like in many villages in my country and other African countries) but never heard about your Jesus, or your scripture? till date many are dying without ever having heard about him.

          the point is that some very good people die or died, but never had the chance to hear about or believe in GOD, and Jesus….

          a better explanation would be more adequate than just expecting everyone to come across the Bible or Jesus; as if the two are as so easy to come across, like air or water…


          • You failed to read the last portion of what is in scripture on the subject of judgement for those who have not heard the Gospel. May I suggest to you a recap of my comments to dear sir.
            This isn’t about me. It’s about God and His children. And the love he has towards us all.

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            • Actually, I didn’t see the latter part of your previous comment. Please forgive me for that oversight, and for every other comment that seemed to disregard that part of your brilliant comment which stated that: “This being said we know by scripture that those who have not heard the Gospel will be saved through the weighing of their heart…Thanks for such an all-encompassing answer or comment…

              I really appreciate interacting with you; it was a pleasure…thank you

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  • All life is sourced from from whatever we call God. For me, all of us and all of life, serve Source whether we acknowledge that or not. Adherence to any religion or way of life can serve to support waking up or hinder waking up to knowing reality. Life serves Consciousness, and Consciousness becomes aware of itself in 17 billion different ways. I am so limited by my supposed separation from Love, how can I judge another for not serving God in the way I think that should look? How can I know what serves another person’s path to awakening?

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    • Great comments, especially the one that states: ” all of us and all of life, serve Source whether we acknowledge that or not”.

      I agree that religion could help, but is shouldn’t be used to ascertain whether our fellow human beings are serving GOD or not.

      Thanks a lot for visiting, reading and commenting—highly appreciated.


  • John 14:6 says: “Jesus answered, I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” Those who believe that Jesus came from God, who have received his love into their lives are the servants of God. This applies to all, not just the servants who work in houses of worship. If you one says he/she is a servant of God, but has no love in them, no grace, no compassion for the world around them, as you say here, then I would have a hard time believing they are servants of God. Our lives should reflect our beliefs. We are known by what we do more than what we say.

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    • thank you for your comments, and opinion that those who believe that Jesus came from God, and who have received his love into their lives, are the servants of God…

      I really appreciate your visit, and the time you’ve taken to read and comment.


  • Well. I have no idea or opinion on what God happens to be busy with in the moment. I suspect humans are never permanently doing the right thing, or following whatever code of moral conduct, or rules on a full time basis. I think we can spend the day seeking the opportunity to be compassionate, kind, understanding, and loving. And, I think that is where it starts. Are we open to the opportunity to be what we know in our hearts we are aspiring too? I can’t imagine thinking I know anything about what someone’s God wants or doesn’t want. Lots of humans seem to have the answers to that but conditioned personality thinks it knows a lot of stuff.
    Interesting post. Thanks.

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    • Bryan thank you for taking time to read, visit and make such a great comment which I wish everyone in the world would resonate with. compassion, love and understanding is a basis where I also believe everyone should start from

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  • Don’t get me wrong: attending temples, mosques and churches could help a lot, but being a real servant of GOD goes way beyond participating in religious activities; it entails obeying the commandments of GOD, and giving love and service to our fellow human beings—and the world in general. EXACTLY, today many people are mistaken and they have no idea about it, as you said giving loving and helping this is the way to go, God bless you my friend 🙂

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  • Maybe, only God knows for sure!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  • Being a human is a given. However keeping our humanity is a choice. I’ve seen people go to church, being pious. After church I see them talking about this person or that person with criticism. I believe in a higher power, I have faith, I just don’t feel I need to go to church to be as good a person as I can be.

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    • Thanks for visiting, reading and contributing… I really appreciate your opinion… honestly, it’s not even compulsory or necessary to help people; one can actually keep to themselves so far they don’t harm other people…once people can obey (or possibly disobey) GOD’s commandments and don’t harm anybody, I feel that they are still in line…

      on the other hand, note that this post concentrates on the religious attendees…one general thing that cuts across every, or most religions, is the teachings/standard regarding the welfare of fellow human beings…why this post centers on that is because, in the absence of belief in a messenger (Jesus, Mohammed, etc.), the next thing people would likely consider as standard for being a servant of GOD is the level of love and concern for fellow people… but its not wrong not to express empathy for others… that’s a personal choice that everyone is entitled to… but the messengers of GOD (who religious followers follow) had/have the welfare of their fellow human beings at heart…


  • Interesting blog! Covers wide and diverse topics. I am especially interested in science and spirituality. Where ‘conventional’ science ends, spirituality starts.

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    • Thanks alot for your positive remark retarding the blog. It’s so inspiring to read such words from others… your interests are science and spirituality; then we are in the same boat… I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit, view posts and comment…👍👍👍


  • I enjoyed reading your post. Great inspiration. I used to be a Christian but I follow God/Divine on my terms or rather God’s Terms. A person just has to walk the path of the Divine or God to be accepted by God, religion is not needed nor are any scriptures to follow. As the soul links with the Divine or God so communication is direct and NOW. The communication is relevant to now today’s issues. Advice is give on how to work through life of today’s reality.

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    • Yours is one of the 3 best comments (if not the best) that I have ever heard in my life…In fact, I wish I had people like you around me when I was growing up, searching the path… I grew up from a Christian background and, although I gained a lot from Christianity, information and experiences about life have made me modify some of my beliefs…I still believe in Jesus so much, but I feel some of his messages were greatly misinterpreted…I honestly feel that some lack of a certain level of spiritual understanding dragged some (or most) of Jesus’ real messages away from the truth… thank you for visiting, reading and making very meaningful and insightful comments…all the guidance we need in life is within our spirits…

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  • Religion in every human beings life is by chance not by choice. So, to be a good person doesn’t depend on religion. If we start searching god in ourself we don’t need to go to these religious places and no body can take the benefit out of it.

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    • 👏👏👏… I can only clap and appreciate such a brilliant comment: if we start searching for GOD in ourselves, we wouldn’t have to look for him outside… this comment rhymes with 2 of Jesus’ sayings which I can recall: the kingdom of GOD does not come by physical observation; and the kingdom of GOD is within you…I agree that religion has more to do with where life puts somebody, especially at birth…

      Thank you for taking time to visit, read and make such an enlightening comment.

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