My reception of “The Sunshine Blogger Award”: One bright ray of sunshine out of so many

Words won’t be enough for me to express how glad I feel to be nominated for “The Sunshine Blogger Award”—my third award nomination ever. This particular award fills me with so much delight because the word “sunshine” is synonymous with the word “motivation”, which has strong ties with this site, and will continue to do so.

I appreciate this nomination from Denise Salmon——it’s such a great honor! You can read her post (The Sunshine Blogger Award) by clicking the following link:

What is “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

“The Sunshine Blogger Award” is an award given to bloggers by bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community.

The Sunshine Blogger Award rules

1. Embellish your blog with the shiny logo above—done.

2. Give a bunch of thanks to the blogger who nominated you—done.

3. Answer the 10 questions you have been asked—done.

4. Give the shiny honor to other bloggers—done.

5. Ask 11 questions—done.

My answers to questions

1. What inspired you to start the blog?

Answer: I wanted to have my own site after writing for other websites, clients and blogs for about 4 years.

In January, 2012, I joined where I earned my first $10 ever, after writing for the first two months.

Later, within the same year, I joined, and published about 59 articles. My profile still exists on the website, and can be found here:

About 4 years later, in July, 2016, I decided to go my own way a bit, and stop writing so much for other platforms/sites; so I opened a (this) site on, and started operating it—but slowly. I actually picked up a lot at the beginning of this year.

Initially, the name of this site was On January 15, 2019, I subscribed for the premium plan and changed the name to

Last month, when my blog was 2¾ years, or 2 years and 9 months old, and I received “The Versatile Blogger Award (which you can see here:, I had a total of just 50 articles/posts, while my site had been viewed 10,000+ times, and had about 960+ followers.

Now that my blog is about a month and some days older (about 2 years and 10 months), I have a total of 67 articles/posts (this one included), while my site has been viewed 20,000+ times, and has 1,600+ followers.

The growth has been encouraging, even though I haven’t published as much as I would have liked to, because of insufficient time.

Since April 11, 2019, I have had an extra 10,000+ more views, and 600+ more blogs have followed my blog—quite inspiring, although I am still aiming ever higher.

2. What is your target audience?

Answer: My target audience includes everybody who is interested in topics related to motivation, GOD, futurist science & technology, spirituality, and environment, or any topics related to personal development and environmental enlightenment.

3. Tell us a funny story/ memory you have.

Answer: I used to worry a lot about the future when I was much younger, but when I look back now, I laugh because I see no reason why I should have worried over certain things—especially to the extent that I did.

4. Do you like reading/ and if so what books do you read?

Answer: Yes, I do. In fact, reading has helped me become very productive.

5. What are your favorite movies?

—Jason & the Argonauts.


—Sinbad & the 7 seas.

—etc.—generally, mythological, historical and spiritual movies.

6. What is your favorite food?

Answer: A meal containing rice, stew (tomato sauce and pepper), fried plantain, and fried chicken or beef.

7. Are you a positive person?

Answer: yes I am; my site says a lot in regard to that.

8. Which one of your teachers was your favorite?

Answer: My favorite teacher has always been my conscience, even when I have made mistakes, and still used them to grow stronger—probably, my conscience is guided by a guardian angel.

9. Do you think love will make a better world? Explain why.

Answer: Yes, I think love will make the world better because if everybody possesses real love, most or all of the disharmony in the world would have no foundation because of the love and understanding people would have for each other.

10. Fast Forward 10 years from now, how do you see yourself at that time?

Answer: Spiritually and materially rich, probably very rich; and must have touched quite a number of places in the world, even your own city and home. It would be great for long-distant friends to see one-on-one, and interact with each other.

11 questions for my nominees

1. What is your real name? (Please list as many as possible; in my country Nigeria, people use up to 4 or 5 names, and probably a lot more.)

2.  What is your country of birth?

3. In which country are you residing presently?

4. Which race do you belong to? (Please, I’m no racist.)

5. Do you believe in GOD?

6. What religion do you follow?

7. Which person do you think has impacted humanity or mankind the most?

8. What do you think about the rate at which awards being dished out every day on

9. If you were to rate platform between 1 star and 10 stars, how many star(s) would you give?

10. Would you advise people to remain on, or move to a self-hosted platform?

11. On the basis of your own belief and criteria, which type of people do you think will be admitted into the kingdom of heaven?

My nominees for the award

Congratulations to the blogs listed below:

1. Jeanne Jones’ Kitchen blog:

2. Ilona’s blog:

3. Michael Ogazie’s blog:

4. Obaid Khan’s Tourism & Real Estate blog:

5. Robotewske’s blog:

6. Ron’s blog:

Thank you.


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