The greatest unannounced discovery: the indescribable life force that empowers everything—seen & unseen

It is natural (or okay) to wonder what the greatest discovery has been—or what it would be. For now, would people say the greatest announced discovery has been the wireless phone? The atomic bomb? The aeroplane? The electric bulb? No—none of these is as significant as the hidden force that has been empowering every deed and great discovery on a consistent basis.

In fact, no discovery is as potent as the greatest unannounced discovery: the indescribable life force that empowers all the greatest deeds and discoveries, and even everything else—the whole creation; the universe; yes, everything!

The one thing that would continue to strike the human imagination is the indescribable life force or power that empowers all else; both the small and great alike.

Every great deed and invention will continue to point to this magnificent, infinite, and indescribable unlimited power which has been producing many times much more than the little faction of visible creation we can see; this power only shows us a glimpse of untold possibilities that are out there in the vast and boundless cosmos.

This indescribable power has gifted each human being the power to use a piece of it as a servant of their mind—at will, and unhindered.

The omnipotence of the indescribable life force, especially in the midst of every threat that has ever existed

The origin and lifestyle of everything in existence can be traced to the indescribable power: all the uncountable forms, varieties and shapes of plants and animals that have ever appeared, are just different manifestations of this indescribable power, and have encountered different conditions.

Throughout the ages, the products of this indescribable life force have been threatened by every type of danger: wars, hostilities between/among species, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions; but each new danger presented the indescribable life force with an opportunity to find a way to survive and adapt, even if it were by change of form or shape.

The indescribable force gives gills to some species of life in order to enable them breath in rivers and seas; also, it gives some other species lungs in order to enable them live on land.

On the other hand, it helps some other species against certain forms of danger, by giving them shells; and to some other species, it gives fur and feathers to protect them from glacial cold—the list of what the indescribable force gives is endless.

Since the beginning of time, and regardless of whichever activity it has empowered, the indescribable life force has always provided the basic needs of each creature, and shown how potent it is whenever it encounters any obstacles or challenges.

If it were possible for this indescribable life force to perish, it would have done so ages ago when floods, droughts, famines, and all types of challenges occurred time after time, after time. Misfortunes, obstacles, challenges, cataclysms, (amongst other negatives), only presented new opportunities which the indescribable power used to show its might and assert its unlimited power.

In fact, it seems obstacles are the ingredients that trigger the indescribable power to awaken much more, each time, and reveal its reserve full of unlimited energy and resources.

Mysterious deeds, giants, gods, and great civilizations have come and gone, but the indescribable force still stands strong and will continue to live on in other forms, ages, and higher levels of civilization.

The indescribable life force has been changing and developing into different forms with the passing of time. The power that sent this indescribable life force to Earth, has always made sure it came endowed with unlimited quantity of life!

No force will ever defeat it or keep it back from accomplishing what it was sent to accomplish. Throughout history and life, its intelligence could be seen permeating everywhere; some people call it Mother Nature; still yet some people call it GOD, while others call it providence. No matter what anyone calls it, it supports every need of life.


With the indescribable force, each one of us can do much more than we think we can. On the other hand, we won’t accomplish more than we are capable of, if we don’t think we can—if this is the case, then there will likely be much less for us to achieve in life.

Like the indescribable force, all of us will continue to face the most dangerous threats from outside—not from within ourselves. Generally, the original seeds that lead to failure, come from the outside—it is quite unfortunate that most of us don’t know this.

With persistent belief and positivity, we can always rise above any challenges, and end up winning, even when we face the worst. Just like the indescribable force, we have to believe that we are going to overcome any obstacles—and we will.


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