What religious texts & science say about the existence of other intelligent physical beings out there in the universe

Many people are fascinated by the possible existence of extra-terrestrial life, especially human-like physical beings outside the borders of the Earth.

On one side there are people who are sure about the past or present existence of spiritual beings such as Angels, Archangels, Cherubims, Elders (the great ones who reside at GOD’s throne), divine spirits, nature spirits, human spirits, demons, etc.

On the other side there are people, especially scientists, who are not yet sure, or do not have concrete evidence of the existence of physical beings on other planets—especially planets that are as physical as the Earth.

Are there intelligent physical beings living on other physical planets in the universe? Moreover, if they exist, do they know about mankind? Have they been watching mankind and the Earth evolve/develop over the ages?

In some religious texts, we read about either spiritual or physical beings that have been referred to as: The Guardians of the Earth; The Watchers; sons of GOD; gods. Whoever they really were, they come with different names, and have appeared to different people at different times in the past.

But when it comes to the possible existence of intelligent physical beings in the cosmos, it seems science hasn’t yet found concrete evidence.

On the other hand, science has important information and data that point to likely existence of other human-like physical beings out there in the boundless expanse of the observable universe—the part of the universe that has been visible to mankind via exploratory probes and space-based telescopes.

So, is there life on other planets in the observable universe?

What do religious texts say?

Most religious texts (like the Bible) don’t state precisely whether life exists on other planets. They simply state that God created the heavens and Earth, and put man on the Earth control its affairs.

However, lack of details on the subject does not imply that the Earth is the only planet that has life and physical beings on it. But then, this doesn’t mean there are physical beings and other forms of life out there in the universe.

Apart from the statement in Genesis 1:1 that GOD created the Heavens and the Earth, the Bible also makes a profound statement in Colossians 1:16–17 regarding the possible existence of other types of physical life: “For through him (GOD) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are on/in the Earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him; And he was in existence before all things, and all things originated through him”—yes, GOD is that mighty!

And no matter how powerful and influential any supposed spiritual or physical beings are in the universe—whether they live in other worlds, or on other planets—GOD created all of them—and it is to him that all the wonders of the universe (including mankind’s advancements and discoveries) should be attributed to.

Another Bible verse better expresses the possibility of physical life in other parts of the universe; Deuteronomy 4:19 states: “And in case you lift up your eyes to heaven and see the sun, the moon, the stars, even all the host of heaven, do not worship them, and serve them…”.

In case mankind discovers other intelligent physical beings on other star systems, it should not worship them, no matter how powerful they may be.

These 2 Bible verses we just quoted simply inform us about the possible existence of either spiritual and physical beings on other star system or worlds which we can only view (albeit partially) from afar with our eyes at night; or which scientists have been able to see partially with the aid of magnifying telescopes or lenses.

What does science say?— scientific stats

Although the existence of other physical beings on other planets has not yet been proven, many scientists believe that life evolved on this Earth, and it could have evolved on other planets, or in other worlds too; if scientists discover or prove the existence of other forms of physical life and beings on other planets, these beliefs will be finally confirmed.

According to many astronomers, the naked human eye can see about 4,500 stars on a clear bright night. And according to science, it is possible view almost 2 million stars via telescopes that make small observatories—in fact, modern reflecting telescopes bring light from thousands and millions of stars in our galaxy (The Milky Way, in which this planet Earth belongs) much closer to human view.

But when such big numbers are compared to the trillions of stars in the immeasurable vastness of the observable universe, they become very small or tiny.

Why? Because the Milky Way galaxy, which is just one out of the trillions of other galaxies, contains between 100 and 400 million stars, and more than 100 billion planets within a radius (distance) of 1½ million light-years—this is equal to 14 quintillion kilometers = 14,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers, or 14 × 1018 kilometers. This information is about just 1 galaxy.

Meanwhile, research that was revised in 2016 informs us that the number of galaxies in the observable universe is around 2 trillion (i.e., 2 × 1012) or more.

So, if any number between 100 and 400 million is multiplied by 2 × 1012, one would have a faint idea about the number of stars and planets in the observable universe.

In fact, is widely believed by knowledgeable people that the universe contains more stars than all the grains of sand on planet Earth.

But, what is a light-year? Why aren’t the distances in space measured in meters, kilometers, or miles?

The “light-year” is a unit of distance, which is the distance travelled by light during 1 year. Generally, light is known to travel at a speed of approximately 300,000 kilometers per second (km/s).

So in a year, light can travel for a total distance of about: 300,000 km/s × 60 × 60 × 24 × 365 seconds = 9.461 × 1012 kilometers = 9.461 trillion kilometers; which is around 9,500,000,000,000 kilometers—this is the approximate distance travelled by light in only 1 year.

But why does science use such a large number as a unit of distance?

Well, on Earth, units of distance such as kilometers and miles might be adequate or easier to use in making descriptions.

We all know that it’s easy to type or write the distance between Rosario (Argentina) and Xinghua (China), which is just 19,996 kilometers; also, it would be easy type or write the distance between Marbella (Spain) and Auckland (New Zealand), which is about 19,960 kilometers.

But it would be difficult to always type or write large numbers associated with distances in the vastness of the observable universe.

The thing is that if we consider the distances between the farthest cities apart, and the distances between stars and planets in the observable universe, we would appreciate the use of “light-year” when typing or writing numerical distances that are out of this world.

The “kilometer” is quite small and not so easy to use when making reference to distances in the universe.

For example, the distance between our galaxy and the nearest galaxy (Andromeda Galaxy) is about 2.5 million light-years, which is about 21 quintillion kilometers; that’s 21,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers = 21 × 1018 kilometers.

Numbers like this are so large that they make it difficult to always write and interpret. So astronomers use other units of distance such as the light-year, which is approximately equal to 9,500,000,000,000 kilometers.

The astronomer Harlow Shapley once estimated that there are some 100 quintillion (or 1020) stars within the range of man-made telescopes, which have distances of many light-years between them.


Religious texts provide adequate evidence that could satisfy the curiosity of those who are spiritual and need little or no other physical evidence that physical life and intelligent beings exist on other planets, or in other visible or invisible worlds.

On the other hand, scientific studies and stats have proven the existence of atmospheric gases, gravity, flora, and possibly fauna on other planets; it is believed that these conditions can favor the existence of life because they are somewhat similar to the conditions we have here on Earth.

Would life and physical beings be able to exist on other planets just because such planets have life-supporting conditions similar to those of the Earth?

Scientific research has squashed the belief or notion that life and physical beings can only exist on other planets if the conditions of other planets are similar to conditions of this world (planet Earth).

It is a great error to believe that life cannot exist without water and oxygen? Even here on Earth, there are life forms that don’t need oxygen to live—they are called anaerobic bacteria; in fact, oxygen is poisonous to them.

Over the ages, and until a couple of decades ago, research always concentrated on this physical world, and gave laudatory remarks that planet Earth is the ideal planet—but this seems to have been wrong.

Everybody talks about oxygen. Why shouldn’t other forms (probably higher) of life be able to exist without oxygen?


With strong statements from religious texts and scientific stats, it would be difficult to argue against any presumed notion that physical life and intelligent beings are out there in other parts of the observable universe.

Investigations are still going on in many parts of the world, and it is highly probable that the life forms that haven’t been discovered or conceived today, might be discovered by future generations.

Even if we won’t be there to witness it, the world would have to accept the fact then, which had been written a long time ago, as stated in Deuteronomy 4:19: “And in case you lift up eyes to the heavens, and see…even all the host of heaven…do not worship and serve them”.

So, it’s quite clear that mankind or science might discover other hosts in the upper parts of the universe.


  • I appreciate the fascination with other beings somewhere in the universe. It is a natural curiosity all beings have to connect with others of their kind. I also think that at this stage of our evolution, human beings have a lot of wonderful and equally awful ideas, technologies, discoveries, and immaturity to share with any other life forms. We haven’t done a very good job with what we were given so far. I also feel that God, whatever your definition, is not bound by time or space. Everything temporal disappears and does not last. For me, I’d like to continue using my curiosity to delve deeper into God’s omnipresence as long as I inhabit this temporary body. May other physical manifestations with the ability to be conscious and aware be given the same opportunity.

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    • thanks for your thoughtful contribution… actually delving into GOD is the greatest we ever need to do; however, people might not tend to search for GOD at equal levels, and GOD knows about this, hence his message in Deuteronomy….I think irrespective of how we live our lives, we need to be cautious in what we search for, and whatever we see, either in the stars (other physical and spiritual beings, as has happened before), or here on earth (money, alcohol, selfishness, etc.)…


  • I think if there ever was other life out there that resembled our own (in terms of intelligence and civilization), that it doesn’t matter. Even if we caught a glimpse of them, that light would have been travelling for millions of year to be observed by us, meaning those people are probably long dead and gone.


    • thanks for visiting, and also for all your opinions. I have to observe that what doesn’t matter to you matters to many scientists and probably many others who are concerned about the evolution and future of mankind…not many are too taken away that some things won’t matter to them… the universe is a university and GOD knows he put curiosity in the heart of man that might be directed towards knowing and finding what is living out there… but “INCASE” he discovers them (not literally in the past), he is told what to do….also, the issue of people who serving whatever they have discovered, gods, money, demons, magic, or other things will, likely continue for all ages… the Bible is for the past, present and future—not only the past…

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  • Very nice post TY listen on youtube to Chuck Missler. you will find all kinds of studies including out of this world ones.

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  • I believe there are non-human forms that exist in other galaxies and universes. We are a small microcosm to the macrocosm. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Great Article! Ultimately intriguing and something to really think about and consider. Thank you!

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  • I’ve once wondered about what the shooting stars really are and had nursed the thought it could be some sort of beings like humans but different possessing enormous power and using the star as a ride.

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    • probably, you might be right as regards to the beings…I’ve thought that possibility too…Ive thought about many things and sometimes wondered why their reality is a bit concealed from most of humanity… why I seem to support your description of the beings is that it rhymes with most information lve read about their interplanetary rides…one literature I came across stated that it takes some of the physical beings I think about 8 earth minutes to travel on strarships for vast distances covering around 30 million light-years—such a terrifying distance to cover in such a short time…if beings are traversing the universe like a walk to the park, then no wonder the universe could be so big…and then look at the angels; GOD really created powerful beings…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow! Such an insightful reply. Thanks. The universe is so vast and a mystery. Trying to understand it completely will always be like trying to understand the Being, God. It’s impossible. The knowledge of the most knowledgeable of the entire universe is just like a grain of sand in the whole world.

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  • I’ve often seen and heard this (Rev 7:9) interpreted in such a way to open the door to the possibility of alien life and the compatibility of the idea with Christian scripture. Different translations translate “nation”, “tribes”, and “people” in such a way that the idea could be implied. Also, as one Bible scholar put it, we have to bear in mind that when discussing the Bible, we are discussing a document that tells the history of one nation and tradition of people, usually in poetic terms, and that it does not account for everything and everyone in the universe in a historical sense.

    Rev 7:9: “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.”

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    • very enlightening and spiritually educative points you’ve raised… I appreciate the Bible verse and mention of various terms in the Bible that could imply the possibility of alien life; physical, but probably with a completely different shape and functioning from that of mankind

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  • Quite an interesting read, sorry I couldn’t read all because of the length, however, I wonder how the knowledgeable people could say there are more stars in the universe than the grain of sand on planet earth. We all know no one can count the stars or the sand, only God.
    If we humans cannot even count the hairs on our heads.
    God is awesome and deserves all the glory, worship and adoration.
    As the scientists try to outwit God, he will confuse & confound their language like he did over the tower of Babel. Genesis 11:4-9

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  • I think it is a difficult one as the Bible is not a sure and positive reference and science has not progressed enough to be sure either. It is just a watching brief. We should primarily focus on our own lives and whatever crosses it is some kind of proof for our information. God the Heavenly Father is now and living resource of information which the scriptures cannot define. Heavenly Father is the own to guide in finding the answers if they are to be known. The main problem on Earth is the people believe they are extremely intelligent and my inner sense tells me they are not. Then perhaps I am wrong and if they are the height of intelligence may the Heavenly Father help us all.


    • I think it depends on how one interprets the Bible…there are certain things the Bible is clear about, especially when it comes to situations where people delve into too much astrology, witchcraft, money, selfishness, and what-have-you—mankind is not asked not to search; rather there is advise not to worship …science has a speck of knowledge about the universe but doesn’t say much…. NASA and American intelligences know alot about space that they haven’t officially informed humanity about—ALOT…many spiritualists even believe America and nato are under alien influences…there is not much difference between our age and the age when gods influenced the affairs of different nations, as stated in many parts of the Bible

      so it’s only appropriate for “official science” to say what will be clear to humans; unofficial knowledge is still there…GOD has given man the mind to explore, man only has to be careful, even more careful than the gods (or sons of GOD, as the Bible called them) who were not suppose to mate with human women, but did so till nature destroyed them with a flood…. May GOD help us to know the limits that are adequate…

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      • It is a hard subject to define and the flood did not wipe out the seed of those who had mated with the evil fallen angels it lives on today. Naturally the science or NASA will not divulge any knowledge they deem inappropriate for the rest of the world.

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        • maybe I don’t understand what you mean by seed, but as much as I remember what the Bible states, only Noah and his family survived, and they were the origin of coming races of men till this day…yes, evil still exists, but as much as I have been informed, the flood was to halt and kill all “physical” interbreeds and abnormal giants that were mix of the offsprings of fallen angels (sons of GOD) and daughters of men… truly NASA are very secretive, along with CIA and Israeli Mossad

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          • seed is the gene which has been passed on. The flood from the Bible. There were more than Noah and family who survived this. This again is bringing power to one area and disregard for the other races on Earth. I believe what the Essenes teach about the old testament, it is evil and all stories. It was forbidden to discuss these scriptures. These are the people Lord Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth came from in Galilee. The Old Testament is full of inbreeding and animal / human sacrifices which are against God. We have no clear picture of history our Earth has been focused on lies. The Tuatha de Danann were a Celtic Race who lost their lands in the Flood and moved to Ireland. (This is an example of another race more enlightened than those in the Bible) These people have nothing to do with the Bible as so did many others.


            • a lot of information in the Bible is compressed and doesn’t rhyme with the original words in original Hebrew texts… people who read only the Bible won’t know much about creation and the earth which, as much as I have gathered from many sources, mankind has lived on it for about 10 million years, not 100,000 or just a few thousand years as speculated by most religious literatures…

              Also, the flood during Noah’s time is the last of many that happened in the past… before Noah’s time, either 4 or 5 races of mankind were wiped away by natural catastrophes…there’s a lot that’s not in the Bible

              But i still believe that only Noah and family survived during the last great flood which occurred during his time; I cannot say so if people survived other/previous floods, but as for Noah’s time, I am sure…the other creatures living with mankind then, giants, half-god-half-man, half-man-half-beast, etc, all types of genetic mutations perished during Noah’s time with other animals…it seems the evil and impunity during Noah’s time was greater than the evil during other past races that perished… so only real humans remained since after then…regardless, you may have your own good reasons

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  • Many view scripture as restrictive. You show, rather, we are invited to imagine for the scope which shall always remain vastly beyond our ken. No matter how brilliant we be and no matter what we “discover”. Thanks for dropping by my site. .

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  • Just dropping by… and I decided to leave a post because early this morning I found a wiki site mentioning something nearly the same.The information wasfascinating I admit.

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