The importance of concentrating on a few desires—too many desires can actually slow us down

Most times we desire too many things and pressurize the conscious mind to a point that it becomes difficult to concentrate our thoughts on one or few desires that could make great success much easier to come by.

Usually, we have a lot of desires; a few are deep, while some or many others are shallow.

Deeply, we might wish to be rich, in a position of responsibility and influence; in addition, we might also wish to travel to any part of the world.

On the other hand, shallowly, we might have a desire to take someone else’s property without their consent; indulge in, or sponsor certain activities that are unnecessary; cause misunderstanding between people; etc.—the list could go on.

A mix of few deep desires and many shallow ones causes blockages in the conscious mind, reduces our power of concentration—which is vital for success—and gets us nowhere in particular.

Many people lack one deep and broad desire which most or all other desires can be subordinates, or subjected to. The time and mind energy we aimlessly put into desiring too many things, can easily accomplish marvelous things if concentrated on one or few clear and precise desires.

We know that if a magnifying glass is used to concentrate the sun’s rays, a hot spot will be created—a stronger effect; however, the effect wouldn’t be so strong if the rays were allowed to scatter.

A hot spot cannot be produced if rays are not concentrated; hence no desired aim will be accomplished. It’s the same thing with the human mind which can produce the greatest effects whenever thoughts are concentrated on one idea at a time—not many.

Have one or few clear and precise desires in mind, and concentrate on them

We can easily acquire most of the things we desire if we concentrate on a few things until our faith in them will be impressed on our subconsciousness.

If we successfully concentrate the thoughts of our desires on our consciousness and create a hot spot, then a positive impression will be driven into our subconsciousness, and produce wonderful results.

Many people who wonder how the subconscious works don’t really have to bother about it, and how it is able to turn our desires into reality. Why? Because it’s in its nature to do so.

For this single reason, we can safely leave the process of physical materialization in the hands of the powerful subconscious which does many awesome works apart from managing, building and repairing our bodies.


Yes! It is our right to have many desires and think about many things. On the other hand, life would be less stressful, and more productive if we concentrate on one or few desires, and impress them on your inner being.

In this regard, the doors of opportunity will never close; rather, they will always be available and open.


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