Be a real leader and people will follow you: qualities of a leader that the world loves

Among the multitudes of people living on Earth, there are certain people whose aura and attitude show that they have an irresistible urge to achieve something greater, and they always fight better whenever they fall.

Their capacity for work is relentless, and people continue to admire them each time they carry out one activity or another.

One undeniable fact is that the world loves a real leader; you can see it everywhere: in organizations, societies, states, countries, and even on the internet.

There is no part of the world where people aren’t eagerly looking for someone to follow. People tend to look up to someone who can inspire and show them how important self-discovery is.

Awesome qualities of real leaders

Real leaders instill confidence in others by the virtue of the fact that they have utter confidence in themselves and exude it in action, and also in the power of words they utter.

This is what makes them radiate invincibility and continue to be greatly admired: the obvious consciousness and radiance of their own power—in thoughts, actions and words.

Real leaders do not impose any limit on their own beliefs and abilities; therefore, they are not limited by the limitations that wear out most people!

Regardless of whether they are humble or not, real leaders don’t have unnecessary egotistical reasons to aspire to any office, position, or any goal.

Even after succeeding, their attitude show that they strongly believe that talents are just starting points for success—they have to keep working on their talents.

Real leaders work efficiently and show humanity that each person’s outcome in life depends on what they believe in—fact or faith.

Most of their actions motivate people to invest time and effort because they have proven that investment is the basis of getting things accomplished in life.

In addition, they have proven too many times that each person’s best days are still ahead of them, and each person’s faith could be strong enough to alter current facts.

Although real leaders may lack training and formal education, they always draw upon ideas from within themselves, educate themselves, and find ways to succeed no matter any existing circumstances.

Many real leaders don’t allow the absence of wealth, sufficiency and exposure to prevent them from adding unequalled value to the accomplishments of humanity.

Many great and lasting dynasties were started by poor and uneducated leaders who used their inner creativity to comprehend the world around them and carry out activities in ways that radiated leadership qualities which made them stand out from the masses.

The businesses of all ages have been filled with successful leaders; some (or many) hardly acquired formal education; probably because they lacked the opportunity, or thought it wasn’t so important.

It was after Scottish-American industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, made his millions that he hired a teacher to give him the basics of formal education.

On the other hand, many other successful people never acquired formal education, and never hired anyone to give it to them.

So fundamentally speaking, it isn’t training and education that makes real leaders successful and admired. Don’t get it wrong: training and education are good—they help—but what actually counts is how well you use the creativity that resides within you!


You have great gifts; use them! Learn how to make profit out of every thought that comes to your mind. Think about how to make them work and produce for you—there will always be a way.

Don’t look at things as they are, or how they should remain; rather, think about how better they can become—more interesting, more efficient, and with much more life, value and vitality.

It’s not good enough to merely dream; go a bit further and make conscious efforts to transform your dream into reality.

Real leaders are admired and followed by people because they show the world how value can be added to every activity, and also to mankind which they are part of.



  • Problematic is that we have a plethora of self obsessed, conditioned personality, egocentric, so called leaders, that “lead” based entirely on their wants.
    Wanting to “lead” in a human skillful way requires a lot of training and searching the heart. Anyone with social power can consider themselves a “leader.”
    Leading is like teaching, one must help people lead themselves. Leading from the heart not the wallet.

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    • Bryan, thanks alot for your comment…that’s why one of the qualities of real leaders is that they are not egotistical: they look at a greater goal, especially one that covers the interest of others


  • good one…thanks for share

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  • Well said!
    I enjoyed reading. We need more leaders!

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    • 👍…your comment is a great observation: the world needs more leaders…I wish everyone could be a leader; things would be far better than they are… thanks alot for your positive and encouraging remark

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  • Wonderfully inspirational words. We are all leaders in our own lives. Our best days are ahead of us. Thanks for the reminders.

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  • Indeed. Great share 👍


  • Thank you for sharing this content

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  • Another fine post Ihagh, The qualities found in leaders, well this is hard to discuss as basically it becomes political. As I look at those in power or ruling countries I do not see any great leader but people who have got there through corruption, bullying, warring, which is not true leadership. As for others being leaders I do not think I can comment as I have lived in isolation for a very long time with no interest on what is going on. Perhaps it is time for me to take a look.

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    • thanks for your reading and commenting…I do not really have much to say about people in political power because most of them are egotistical or selfish; qualities I don’t talk about or judge… on the other I have much to say about real leaders, who in my opinion—as stated in the post—are not egotistical; they work for the greater good of people or humanity… also, they are positive, humble, exemplary and wise, regardless of whether they have formal education or not, or whether they are rich or poor…

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      • Very true Ihagh, but we rarely hear of these leaders and I wish we did it would give us more hope.

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        • it’s true that many of them are unpopular; however, they do exist and only few of them have been recognized by organizations or people… on the other hand, societies who have these types of people, respect them more than they respect political or world leaders…


  • So, Ihagh…I’m a nurse, and every two years I need to have completed 30 hours of continued education to renew my license. This morning, I tried to find the best bang for my buck. I only needed 19 more units to complete for for Aug. 31, So…20 Units costs 69 -100 Dollars. I’m on a tight budget, and was getting super frustrated. So…I looked at the 30 unit courses ($74).

    I have been having on and off again conflicts with the leadership at work; it’s been escalating (The head uses only one specific leadership style; it’s one of the lease flexible ones), and so…I thought, I better learn about leadership.

    No joke, Ihagh…within about a half hour of me purchasing this course, who do you think published a fantastic article on “leadership?” Eh…YOU DID! ROFL…man Alive!
    Synchronicity is amazing!! The 30 unit nursing course is called “Leadership and Management For Every Nurse.” We just covered leadership styles. I have my favorites, and I also found the one I can’t stand most (Autocratic and Bureaucratic…UGH!!!). LOL. The one I LOVE the best is called “Transformational.”

    All the different styles have their ups and downs, but at least half of them are really only useful in very specific situations….and these aren’t great for a very dynamic environment.

    Anyway…I want to say thanks for a wonderful experience today…it was very transformational on a few levels; one of which validated faith that God is Good; and ever present. And of course, I got some really helpful information. Good leaders got some great answers. I just got a few here, so…great leadership!!

    Thanks Ihagh. ROFL…wonderful!!!

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    • Ian, thanks alot for all the positive and encouraging words 🙏… I felt touched reading that every 2 years, you complete 30 hours of continued education for license renewal? that sounds tough… many people would dodge that in my country, with no repercussion… although I don’t know much about why the continued education is necessary, questions arise in my mind as per what the continued education is for, if the aim is to renew license… well, maybe there is a good reason… I hate autocratic and bureaucratic leadership styles because they are more of a one man kind of leadership, selfish and self centered, with their advantages and disadvantages…amongst many examples in history and the present-day, I admire the exemplary manner in which Jesus lorded over his disciples…

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      • In America, each state has its own licensing requirements. I happen to live in the strictest state. The licensing organizations only agenda is to safeguard the public and prevent negligence. Nurses are mandated to “Continue learning” as industry and health care delivery changes, and we have to prove we are doing that.
        I wish Jesus was my boss! LOL…well…he sorta is anyway, but I hope you know what I mean.
        I agree about those two leadership styles are very self centered. If the person is very honest, ethical and moral, it can be ok. If there is any kind or moral or ethical conflict then these types might shut people down; lack a willingness for input or real problem solving or critical thinking. (Sigh).
        I pray a lot! LOL.
        Thanks Ihagh. You are the very best!

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        • thanks for your inspiring words; deeply appreciated… actually, safeguarding the public, and preventing negligence are both good reasons; America is up there when it comes to doing that…

          Same with me too: I wish Jesus was my boss; or, I wish my bosses could radiate something related to, even if short of, what Jesus’ radiated;. his countenance… thanks for your comments

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  • It’s hard to come by experienced people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking
    about! Thanks

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    • you’re welcome, and thanks alot for your positive and encouraging remark…the topic could be a really difficult one to address…to some extent, probably I know the most important things about the topic…


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