Mr. Victory versus Mr. Defeat: how to handle the endless mind war that exists within us

Our minds are thought factories: busy invisible buildings that produce and develop countless number of thoughts in our minds, on a daily basis.

The production and development of thoughts are usually supervised by two deputies: Mr. Victory, and Mr. Defeat.

Mr. Victory is in charge of manufacturing positive thoughts; he specializes in producing and developing thoughts to inspire you and give you reasons why you can do all the things you desire.

He always tells you that you are qualified to do anything you set your heart to do; and that you will be able to do anything in the near future, even though you might not be able to do it at the moment.

On the other hand, there is also Mr. Defeat whose activities are completely different and directly opposite those of Mr. Victory. Why? Because Mr. Defeat produces negative and depreciating thoughts.

Mr. Defeat is an expert in producing and developing thoughts to debase you and consistently feed your mind with reasons why you won’t be able to get things done; why you are weak and inadequate.

Mr. Defeat specializes in creating trends of thoughts to suppress and kill any available talent; also, he does everything within his power to make sure hidden talents remain hidden and unutilized.

He always informs you that you are not qualified to do things, and that you shouldn’t waste your time because you just won’t be able to do things.

Even when people summon a little bit of motivation and start working on their dreams, Mr. Defeat still turns many of them into full-time procrastinators because their negative trends of thoughts overpowered the positive ones until all belief was lost.

In the truest sense, Mr. Victory and Mr. Defeat are both obedient and loyal servants, especially to people who have the ability to control and select opposing thoughts.

Mr. Victory and Mr. Defeat can be signaled to work whenever we need them. If we give a positive signal, Mr. Victory will step forward immediately and get down to work; likewise, if we give a negative signal, Mr. Defeat will step forward and work, while Mr. Victory will remain dormant.

Usually, it is very easy for Mr. Victory and Mr. Defeat to work on/with thoughts; they only need different signals to inspire them to work on a cashless and full-time basis.

How do Mr. Victory and Mr. Defeat react to instructions?

If you would like to experience how Mr. Victory, and Mr. Defeat react to instructions, tell yourself consistently that “today will be uninteresting, boring and lousy”.

If you do it with an appreciable level of seriousness, immediately, Mr. Defeat will be signaled into action, and start producing and developing thoughts to prove to you that you are right—that the today will be uninteresting, boring and lousy.

He will suggest to you that no matter the positive effort you make, your activities for the day will be fruitless or unproductive.

Mr. Defeat is efficient at getting people sold to destruction within a short period of time; before most people know it, they’re sold and it’s already a heck of a bad day.

On the other hand, if you tell yourself consistently that no matter what happens, “today will be fine”, then Mr. Victory will be summoned to action.

Immediately, he will start telling you that no matter what happens, today will be a wonderful day among the most wonderful ones you are yet to experience.

He will change your emotions, make you feel happy, positively expectant and capable of making progress with your work.

Generally speaking, Mr. Victory will produce and develop thoughts to demonstrate to you why you will succeed, while Mr. Defeat will demonstrate and try to convince you why you will fail.

Usually, the more work you give Mr. Victory and Mr. Defeat, the more stronger they become.

Whenever Mr. Victory is given positive signals, he employs more personnel of positive thoughts, does more work, and takes up more space in our minds; the same goes for Mr. Defeat whose works are naturally negative.


You don’t need Mr. Defeat; the wise thing to do is to sack Mr. Defeat, and make Mr. Victory stronger by thinking positively on a consistent basis.

Nobody would want a deputy like Mr. Defeat around. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to have an assistant who would tell you time and time again that you won’t be able to do things, and that you will fail, and so on.

Mr. Defeat won’t assist you to get to the position you desire to reach in life; so the best thing for you to do is to boot him out of your thought production and development company.

On the other hand, use Mr. Victory as much as possible; even if you can do so 100 per cent of the time you use for thinking.

Whenever you are interested in any endeavor, use positive thoughts to signal Mr. Victory to work, and he will employ more positive thoughts that will prove to you why you will succeed; also, he will show you the steps you need to succeed.

People who make a good decision to support Mr. Victory and sack Mr. Defeat, will find it much easier to make success out of opportunities, and turn dreams into realities.

The first and most basic step towards success is to be aware that there is power in positive thinking, and always think positively.

Believe in yourself, and believe that you will succeed. Use signals of confidence, courage, success, and motivation to summon Mr. Victory to work; don’t allow yourself to be convinced that you will fail.

Wherever you are, replace thoughts of failure with thoughts of success; whenever you face difficult situations, consistently think positive thoughts and tell yourself that you will win.

Whenever you have time to think, consistently tell yourself that you will be able to do all things through GOD who strengthens you; do this until your mind is soaked with this reality.

Let the thought that “I will succeed” dominate your thinking process until Mr. Victory employs more positive thoughts, and creates plans that will produce success.

Whenever you can, remind yourself consistently that you are many more times better than you think you are.


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