Building confidence & conquering fear: types of fears & positive actions to conquer them

I know that we read it daily on many websites, in numerous articles and posts, related or similar motivating or inspiring words such as: “don’t worry; be positive; there is nothing to be afraid of; everything will be alright”, etc., etc., etc.

But we all know that this type of medicine—no matter how much it relieves us of fear for a few minutes—does not really build real confidence in people; neither does it help every person to conquer fear permanently.

Fear really exists; it cannot be destroyed, but it can be conquered. In order to conquer it, we must first recognize that it exists.

Some important things to note about fear and confidence

It is believed that most of the fears that people have exist in the subconscious mind, and are psychological: worry, tension, anxiety and panic are mostly the result of negative thinking, or thinking that has been mismanaged. But simply knowing about the types of fear, or their breeding ground—the subconscious—won’t relieve us of fear. An effective treatment method would be needed to conquer the infection called fear.

Fear will continue to exist and is sometimes helpful because of its useful side: although fear is widely considered to be the number one enemy of success, it is still a friend of success. Why? Because fear prevents people from foolishly jumping on opportunities, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Fear makes people think critically and wisely about issues and impending decisions, before taking drastic steps.

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But the type of fear that wears down confidence, and conquers the subconscious, is a friend that has been allowed to turn into a foe, and infect the mind.

One thought that will always help in the journey to conquer fear is the fact confidence is either acquired or developed—nobody was born with confidence.

Whoever radiates confidence, either by conquering fear—or by not allowing their minds to be infected by fear—acquired or developed confidence as they grew up from childhood. Once again: nobody was born with confidence.

Also, nobody will ever be late on the path to building confidence or conquering fear: no one is ever late, and no one will ever be too late.

Positive actions can conquer fear; while stagnation, indecision and postponement (procrastination) strengthen fear

Whenever we acknowledge that there is a certain type of fear, how do we approach it? What effort do we make about our predicament, physically, mentally or spiritually? What is our attitude towards our challenges? Is it positive or negative? Or, have we given up and decided that there isn’t much we can do rather than wait and hope for the best or worst?

After we face reality and agree that fear exists, there is at least one action we can first use to approach fear: stay in the mud—challenges—and be positive until we think about an action to take. From this point, hope will spring up; but hope needs action(s) in order to become victorious.

Put this principle of taking action to work, and whenever you experience any amount of fear, calm down and ask yourself what type of action you need to take in order to conquer fear.

Knowledge is power. Make a search, or think more about the action you need to take; doing so will give you the necessary edge to gradually isolate fear. Don’t allow fear to grip and take hold of you.

Types of fears, and some positive actions that can conquer them

1. Fear due to personal appearance

Positive action to conquer it: Develop positivity about how you look; the latent beauty within you is all you have to try your best to thing think about. Read self-help literature that is geared towards this type of mentality. On the other hand, improve parts of your appearance that can be improved upon. Go to a beauty salon; shine your shoes; wash your clothes and press them properly. In general, physically groom yourself better. Always remember that you don’t need the best clothes to feel comfortable under your own skin.

2. Fear due of losing customers or followers

Positive action to conquer it: Sit up and work harder. Don’t always live your life as if everything will come to you for free. Some degree of effort is needed to get the best things in life. Double your work ethic and always look for ways to be better, and give the world better service. Update or correct any behavior or anything that may causes customers or followers to lose confidence in you.

3. Fear of failing exams

Positive action to conquer it: Stop worrying, and use your worry time to read and study harder if you want to pass or succeed.

4. Fear of things beyond your control

Positive action to conquer it: Soak your mind with positive literature. Always be positive; always have hope and pray. Since it is very true that the things that bother us today, won’t bother us in a hundred years’ time, why worry worry about them as if eternity depends on them?

5. Fear of what other people will think and say

Positive action to conquer it: If you are sure you have a plan to do what is right, then go ahead and do it. Even the most righteous people have been criticized and punished for doing the right things. Don’t forget that the universe has a glorious store of treasure waiting for those who do good, either in this life, or the afterlife.

6. Fear of investing

Positive action to conquer it: Knowledge is power, be sure you have sufficient knowledge about what you want to invest in; or look for knowledge that will help you carefully analyze all important factors surrounding any opportunity; then make a bold decision and stick with it. Trust your own judgment!

7. Fear of people

Positive action to conquer it: Practice how to put your perception of people in the right perspective: always remember that other people are just human beings like you. Whenever you meet other people, always believe that each person you are interacting with is as important as you are.


Confidence and fear are two things that can be controlled for our benefit. But first, we have to acknowledge fear and isolate it; secondly, we have to take action in order to conquer any type of fear.

Always remember that any form of hesitation, stagnation, indecision and postponement (procrastination) will magnify fear.

Be decisive and take action when you encounter fear; or else it could degrade you. Our brains are just like banks: if we always deposit positive thoughts into them, we will become mentally richer, more productive and more confident; on the other hand, if we always deposit negative thoughts into them, we will become mentally bankrupt, less productive and less confident than we should be.


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