Always look out for what can be; not only what exist—everything doesn’t always have to be invisible

Visionaries are always forward-thinking and consistently looking towards the future for what can be done; not only what exists at the moment. Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci were two notable people who had such an admirable ability.

Many instances in life have shown that great things can be achieved if people make up their minds to always look for positives, consistently fight the fight of faith against challenges, and see something valuable in places where little or nothing exists.


Learn to look at performances, not only as how they are, but how better and greater they can become. Your visualization can add value to everything! If you want to become a true visionary, you must look towards the greater things that can be achieved in the future, no matter your profession or interest. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in the present and past.

Whatever it is that you are engaged in—business, sports, education, etc.—always keep it in mind that it is repetition of a couple of your activities that will lead to success and profit; not only one or few activities.

For example, in a business, there could be little or no sales, especially in the first few days or weeks when it is young—it could even be longer. Regardless, the valuable thing to do is to work hard and look positively at the future possibilities of your current customers, rather than the present-day impossibilities or possibilities.

If you are a blogger, work hard and look at the future potentials of your articles and the greater number of subscribers that can be attracted in the future, rather than the number of articles and subscribers you have today.

One important thing to take note of when it comes to customers is that if they are highly valued—in terms of what is invested in them, or delivered to them—they will become big and regular patrons.

Whenever people attach little value to customers, such customers will likely turn their faces elsewhere.

Be on a steady watch out for what can be, not only what exist—we don’t have to make everything invisible

A parent, school teacher or university lecturer who only looks at a non-performing student’s future on the basis on their current/existing low grades and poor performance, will not be useful to the student’s development.

On the other hand, a parent, school teacher or university lecturer who looks at how better a non-performing student can be able to perform in the future, will help develop the student, and get good results.

Looking at peoples’ future with the eyes of the present or past, will not bring much benefit to humanity as a whole.

So don’t waste your mind energy concentrating on present-day performances at the expense of the greater possibilities of the future.

Don’t allow trivial things keep you from looking at and believing in the future.  Make up your mind to always keep your eyes stuck on a brighter future. Focus more of your attention on bigger and brighter objectives for the future, before moving backwards to meddle with petty concerns of the present and past.


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