You want money? Then put “service” first—make good service your first target

It’s natural and ok to have the desire to accumulate money and wealth, most especially if the intention is to use it to acquire the necessities of life. Money can also be used to help less fortunate people and store treasures in heaven.

Although money is not all that matters, it can be used to live earthly life to the fullest. The great minister Russel H. Conwell (author of “Acres of Diamonds”)—who was once criticized for urging people to make money—said: “Money printed your Bible, money builds your churches, money sends your missionaries, and money pays your preachers, and you would not have many of them, either, if you did not pay them”.

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And he was definitely right. But before we can make genuine money, we must first render good service—we must give the world quality service if we wish to become great. One major obstacle that hinders people from making money is their mindset. Most people don’t have enough money because they want to get money without offering any services: they have a “no-service-money-first” attitude.

Most people have insufficient money. Why? Because their “money-first attitude” is too conscious to such a point that they don’t understand that money can’t be acquired without planting the seed that grows into money.

And the seed that grows into money—either acquired or inherited—is service, especially good service. That’s why people who put service first create wealth much more easily.

If you put service first, money will appear more easily

The best mindset to have when it comes to acquiring money, is the one that puts service first; this attitude pays off the most. Just take a look at the attitude possessed by inventors and the creative people who make the world a better place.

Many people preoccupy their thoughts with “why” they need money, instead of preoccupying their thoughts with “how” they can make money in a good way.

Many people put money first before service, and do it to such an extent that they have become blind to the “how” of making money.

There is another group of people who want to be paid money before they give good service, or produce more. But generally, this is not how life works when it comes to making money.

Hardly is money or a pay rise acquired when good service or quality performance has not been rendered. Nobody can acquire money unless they plant the seed of money—and the seed of money is service.

Example: the end product of putting money first before service

There are too many examples in real life that illustrate how people lose patronage or customers when they put money before service.

Consider a producer who makes movies, but thinks more about making money, and less about the quality of entertainment (good service) that should be offered.

The producer cuts corners everywhere: he prepares or buys a poorly written script, employs less entertaining actors, and uses poor quality imagery that can even harm the eyes.

The producer thinks people who watch movies are not smart, and cannot distinguish high quality from low quality. So how does it end wherever there is a money first attitude? Answer: it ends with less money, or no money at all.

The richest people who attract the largest profits put good service first, far ahead of money. Rather than making money by offering poor, inefficient or insufficient service, they do everything possible to give people more of the very best. And what has been the end result? Usually, they have attracted a lot of money, become increasingly popular, and continuously attract more customers or patronage.


Develop and maintain a “service-first” attitude towards life. The everlasting generosity of GOD, the universe, or Mother Nature put service first before everything in existence was created or brought into existence. That’s why we can see, perceive, and appreciate uncountable and boundless forms of beauty in creation.

Always try to give your best. Make it a rule to give people more than what they expect. Surprise people! Each extra better service you give is a seed for more money and wealth.

Giving customers extra good service is a seed that will bring money and more customers in return. A researcher who is advancing a better idea that can bring greater benefits, is planting a seed that will generate more patronage of their work—in cash, and in kind.

Good service attracts money. Put service first, be positive and persistent, and money will come. Plant service and harvest money.


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