Small ideas that materialize are greater than big ideas that can’t—having big ideas is not enough

You’ve got a good idea? Then do something about it by taking action. Every great achievement and big job, whether it has to do with business, selling, science, sports, arts, military or government, requires the right attitude of people who can convert good ideas into reality: people who can get good things done, regardless of whether they are big or small.

Where is that person who believes they are a self-starter, and self-inspired? Who is that person that can take a step further and follow every detail through? Also, who is that person who is not only a talker, but can get results too?

The aim of these questions is only targeted at one thing: to think more about the type of person who is a perfect fit when it comes to materializing dreams or converting ideas into reality.

It is not enough to have big ideas without taking action to materialize them, especially when there are available resources that can help along the way. A small idea that is acted upon and developed is much better in terms of physical productivity and output than a big idea that cannot be materialized because it has been abandoned.

The great self-made merchant John Wanamaker was known to say this quite often: “Nothing comes merely by thinking about it”—meaning: nothing will materialize if you merely talk about it without taking actions.

But come to think of it: every man-made object or thing, from rockets to skyscrapers, to flyovers—etc., etc.—is just an idea that was acted upon until it materialized.

If we take a careful look at people, it can be observed that they fall into two broad categories—or probably more: the active and passive.

The definition of success or lack of success can be clearly understood by studying these two broad groups. The active person is a doer, takes action and gets things done. On the other hand, the passive person is somewhat a sleeper who doesn’t take action, ends up proving to themself why they can’t achieve anything, and postpones things until it’s too late to get anything done.

The difference between an active person and passive person

The difference between an active person and a passive person can be seen in many circumstances that occur in everyday life. An active person plans a vacation, and goes ahead to take it; a passive person plans for a vacation, but for no good reason postpones it until next year—or until forever.

An active person decides to attend church regularly, and does so without even missing a single service for as long as time could remember; on the other hand, a passive person decides to attend church regularly, but finds reasons and ways to postpone it.

Also, a passive person gets inspired to write consistently, and actually starts writing, only to find a good reason why the writing should be put off—actually, the writing never gets written.

Active people materialize their ideas, gain more faith, confidence, inner security and increased sense of self-reliance. On the other hand passive people don’t materialize their ideas, lose faith and confidence, and develop a habit of depending too much on other people.

Passive people can’t get things done, simply because they don’t want to act. It is true that everybody has the desire to be active and materialize ideas, whether they are big or small; but to do so requires action, not inaction or passiveness.

Don’t wait for everything to be 100% favorable before you take action

Many passive people end up going nowhere because they’ve been waiting for everything to be 100% (or even 1000%) favorable and perfect before taking action.

At this junction, it may be advisable to note that nothing man-made or designed, is, or can be absolutely perfect. Everything is being upped or updated on a daily basis. To wait for perfection in an imperfect world, means to wait forever.

Also, the strength of a real active person is not in their ability to eliminate all seen and unforeseen problems before they arise; rather, their strength lies in how they successfully handle seen and unforeseen difficulties whenever they arise.


There are some major thoughts that everybody has to always remember as long as they live in this world:

  • Obstacles and difficulties will come—expect them. Each one of life’s ventures has its own fair share of risks, problems and uncertainties that we have to get used to, or ready for.
  • Face problems and obstacles head-on, and in the same manner that they arise and come unannounced. The strength of a successful person does not rest on their ability to eliminate every problem before taking action; rather, it rests on their ability to look for solutions when they face problems and difficulties.
  • We have to make up our minds to do something about our interesting ideas that are alive, fascinating, and are destined to give us inner satisfaction, and even untold wealth.
  • We don’t have to allow an idea to die and be buried just because a tremendous amount of work might be required to materialize it. We don’t have to allow negative thinking convince us why our plans would or could fail.
  • Let’s not get it wrong: ideas are important; however, ideas have to be worked upon with more thinking and actions in order to materialize them. That idea you have will only be more valuable if it is acted upon.

Every day an uncountable number of people bury good ideas because they don’t take any/sufficient action on them; the worst thing is that later in life, the ghosts of such abandoned ideas come back to haunt and taunt the passive people who despised them.



  • Very inspiring and interesting write up. One needs to persevere whatever he wants to do and then do wonders with whatever he feels like doing.

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  • “All big ideas realized are a number of small ideas enacted and pursued until the connection is complete.”
    -People’s Dharma Circle

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  • I am having a problem concentrating to write my book. I am thought active.

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    • hi… you mean you’ve thought about all the details the book needs, but haven’t started writing? if so—which I’m not yet sure—you need to find a way to compel yourself to start writing something down; and like Bryan Wagner said in a previous comment: your big idea of the completed book consists of small ideas… each page and chapter you complete will gradually lead you to your complete goal…if you really desire that book, then you have to motivate yourself and act, or else your dream will not be materialized… or someone else who is more active will write about what you had already had an idea of long before them

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  • What an Incredible article! Yes, every point valid. In community, like this, ideas are shared and active motivation is started. Your site title is perfectly aligned to this article, and I’m so glad I read it. Perfect integrity!


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    • 👍… you’re welcome, Ian, and thanks for your encouraging words and thoughtful comment… I value the ideas people share, amongst them is the one Bryan recently stated, and which addresses someone else’s concern… site title is actually aligned to article, and makes a lot of sense

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      • LOL…Ihagh, In the last several years, I went through a pretty grueling mid-life crisis of which I am hopefully putting into the past; at the tail end (hopefully…but still some affecting residual). It’s human (indifferent shrug that asks for pardon).

        During this time, my singular major trigger (personally…barring any other I can not possibly account for) was/is major laps in integrity…or congruence. The reason for this is…FEAR…and TERROR of being mislead down a dark path of consequences I might not survive (emotionally or spiritually…and by proxy, physically). And this can easily happen.

        Look at the world and industry these days…what is require for many; and what personal choices some would say MUST be made in order to survive (make money primarily). I’ve seen this in my medical career, and even the dying can be easily misled out of their honest self determinations about which they MAY choose to live as long as they can for their own authentic and valid reason, yet…expediency to make profit can make for loose business morals and ethics because of a misleading mission and values…say “Compassion” statement when none, actually is identifiable in the business practice or model.

        If I killed someone prematurely because my company had no integrity…I’d die inside. And I’ve came into contact with some of these entities; and their tactics can be subtle at first; but press some buttons to test for the truth, and it becomes an all out war of the spirit, mind…and the body looses it’s life force…one can feel this…feel death coming in fast through the sheering stress of it! NO!

        Integrity, when I see, Ihagh…I want to sing…I want to dance…I want to praise God, “Thank you God…Your presence is known and is a saving grace! Thank you God!”

        And so…Thank you Ihagh!! Thank you!

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        • you’re welcome…it is possible for certain types of crisis to leave behind some things… but your comments ending with praises of GOD surely implies you are likely done with handling certain effects from the past

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          • So. long as I can see hope…even it the smallest grace…even in the smallest simple action of honest kindness…forgiving; a simple truth…a granted opportunity to see past illusion, yes…there are paths to take in order to get through. But I’d prefer the easy route…no illusion…it is what it is as seen and said. That makes it easy. I’m tired. I just love easy. LOL

            Thanks Ihagh…for making it so easy. I love your article. It’s awesome!

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  • I have issues with bringing ideas to fruition. I always have. It’s created challenge in my attempts to bring my work to a larger audience, or complete projects. This is all very true and helpful.

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    • thank you for reading and taking time to voice your experience which can also happen to successful people at times…knowing the actions you need to get things done, you may have to find a way to summon your energy into action and do the needful… sometimes we need an angel, either within our hearts, or in the form of a friend or motivator…regardless, I believe you have what it takes to overcome your challenges…


  • Slow and steady surely completes the race, whereas, spasms of speed is no guarantee. Another awesome post to your credit, Mr. Ihagh. Keep up the great work.

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    • thanks alot for the encouragement…I agree with you: the battle doesn’t always go to the swiftest…in fact, nature shows us it is drops of water that add up to make the big ocean:


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  • Thanks for another wonderful post. Where else may anybody get that kind of information in such an ideal approach of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the search for such info.

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  • This is such a wonderful post 🙂

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  • You’re right. However, even an active person cannot take a vacation without money. The same thing is also true with other ideas. If you don’t have the money, even a brilliant idea cannot be put into action.

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    • thanks alot for your comment…on the other hand, why would someone make up their mind to think about going on a vacation without putting money into consideration? the thing is this: the issue of money depends first and foremost on whether money is required to materialize an idea or not… generally speaking, money is not required to materialize everything…this article is about general situations; the examples about vacation and going to church (which might not require money) are just a few out of many…most people don’t need money to make up their mind to stop smoking, or start doing some important things…sometimes other things like will and determination are more important than money, when it comes to materializing ideas…

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      • I agree. I was talking from the business point of view. I have some great ideas which I am not able to put into action because of the lack of finance.

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        • ok, I understand your point better now…absence of money can be an obstacle, probably at the moment, for a while… but still keep your dream, and when the tide turns around, you will still be the victor


  • Good post Ihagh 🙂 I enjoyed reading it 🙂

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    • Thank you Ruelha…I’m inspired reading your comment and knowing the article made you beam with two smiles added to your already existing plenty smiles… hope you are doing fine… it will be good to know that you are happy


  • Excellent article! I always believed I was 100% active. I realized, I need to work on a few things. Thank you for sharing.

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