5 motivating lessons we can learn from the successful activities of forward-thinking companies or businesses

Who are forward-thinking people; or, what are forward-thinking companies? They are people or companies that think far ahead of time, and have achieved awesome results which have shown the world the way they think and act in order to get things done. Forward-thinking people are the ones who run forward-thinking companies or businesses.

If each one of us takes a candid look back at our youthful years, it may be surprising to observe how many of us, and our peers had no detailed or concrete plan of what we would have individually liked to achieve in future.

Most times, we were influenced by our parents, elder ones, relatives, or even friends. And even when we had plans (or personal plans mixed with a bit of other people’s desires or expectations), they weren’t as active as the type that can be seen in successful and forward-thinking companies; the type that lists clear goals, and follows them up with consistent actions until goals are achieved.

The backbone of any forward-thinking and successful company is a forward-thinking leader, or any group of like-minded individuals who share similar lofty ideals or goals.

The greatest companies on Earth always focus on achieving specific targets in the future. They set out plans, goals or objectives, and project what they expect to achieve in 5, 10, 15 or more years ahead of time; in addition, they consistently gauge each of their efforts as they climb one step at a time.

If people have been able to make plans for the future of many perishable material possessions or property, and succeeded at it, then you are more than capable of planning and materializing your own earthly and eternal future.

Forward-thinking companies don’t leave their future to chancedon’t leave yours too!

When it comes to forward-thinking, the most important thing you always have to remember is that what you were, and where you are, are not as important as where you are heading to. Yesterday might have been either cruel, or successful, but tomorrow has greater promise—look towards it!

In this regard, everybody has a great deal of precious lessons to learn from forward-thinking companies. Five valuable motivating lessons we can learn from forward-thinking companies are as follows:

  • Forward-thinking companies always list goals which help to create an image of what they want to achieve several years ahead of time.
  • Forward-thinking companies always have master plans, and still map out alternative plans. If something unforeseen cancels plan A, forward-thinking companies usually switch to plan B or use other alternative plans until their dreams turn into reality.
  • Forward-thinking companies always ask themselves: “Where do we want to be in 10, 15 or 20 years from today?” If I may ask, 10 years from today, what would you like to become? Or, what would you like to achieve?
  • Forward-thinking companies always research or find out what the future needs, and put plans together in order to satisfy them.
  • Forward-thinking companies invest in purchasing not only material things, but knowledge and anything that builds the brain or mental power and proficiency that drives the company and keeps it alive.


Peer a bit into your future and spell out what you would like to become 10 years or more from today. Even if you don’t have human or monetary resources yet, just set your goals. You will find renewed energy and enthusiasm if you list your goals, and follow them up with reasonable actions.



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