Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics & Design in Practice: Definitions, Importance, and Applications


In the technologically advanced world of today, technical drawing with engineering graphics and design employs every important cognitive and manipulative skill in order to aid engineering graphical communication which uses lines, dimensions, scales, symbols and signs to illustrate how products, processes, services and systems look and work.

Technical drawing is applied in many fields, one of which is engineering graphics and design. Many students usually study technical drawing before gaining admission to read engineering and study engineering graphics which is just one out of many engineering subjects. The transition from technical drawing to engineering graphics and further study is usually much easier for students who have had past experience in technical drawing.

Although many people assume that technical drawing is the same as engineering graphics, there is actually a difference between the two: technical drawing is generally employed in producing diagrams and representations of object and shapes on paper, while engineering graphics is a technique used by engineers to produce engineering design drawings, including pictorial representations of data in computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacture with the use of softwares.

Definition & Types of Technical Drawing

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Engineering graphics is somewhat an advanced type of technical drawing that clearly expresses the practical requirements for engineering forms or structures. Technical drawing goes hand in hand with engineering drafting graphics and design. Generally, whenever pencil and paper, or computer is used for drafting, it must be ensured that drafts are clear and visible enough to demonstrate how things work/would work.

The procedure, skill or actions often used to produce engineering graphics can be regarded as technical drawing or drafting. Note that technical drawing is also be applied in disciplines that are not usually regarded as fields of engineering; examples include landscaping, architecture, environmental health science, cabinet making, garment-making, etc.

Engineering graphics often combines many colors, various texts, and illustrations in order to communicate clearly and effectively using drawings, especially with people who understand the language of technical, or engineering drawing.

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