Without work, dreams can’t accomplish anything: the benefits of working beside our dreams

It’s a sad fact that in many endeavors of life, if we dream without working towards it, we can’t or won’t achieve anything—it’s as simple as that. A young man or woman who dreams of having a degree, but doesn’t work by studying, won’t be able to acquire it; the same goes for many other pursuits in life—dreams and faith without works is dead!

History is filled with real-life stories of people who dreamed and struggled by working through many daunting challenges before they achieved success. Even when their dreams didn’t work out, they were relentless with their work: when one door closed, they looked for others until somehow, something or many things just clicked.

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In many cases, not even hunger, poverty, misunderstandings, riots, beatings, and imprisonments prevented many successful people from following their dreams up with perseverance and a zealous amount of work that lead them to their GOD-given destinies.

It’s not enough to have dreams; we also need to work

As harsh as it may sound to many people, especially—the lazy ones who always expect something from nothing—the love for work is the hidden secret to productivity and success because it leads to the release of unlimited potential, hidden abilities, and capabilities.

If you don’t work or get used to it, you would likely prevent yourself from reaching your maximum potential and fulfilling your purpose; in addition, you would lose the level of productivity that could be a great blessing for yourself and other people.

Many people don’t understand the greatness they can achieve whenever they go to work

Most of us have no idea what we can accomplish whenever we go to our jobs or put or minds to work; most of us only go to work because we want to get paid! This mentality will not get us very far if we really want to achieve a sense of fulfilment that should be rightly balanced with the acquisition of money as a result of working.

Work is a gift from the universe which helps people discover their unlimited potential. If you don’t start working and discovering the optimum amount of things you are capable of achieving, you will likely miss the blessings that come together with work.

The benefits of working beside our dreams

  • work provides an opportunity to transform dreams into reality
  • work helps discover untapped or hidden unlimited potential
  • work helps develop stronger faith because it makes one realize that hidden abilities are more important than money
  • work gives a sense of fulfilment and helps to build self-esteem
  • work helps multiply the resources that can keep one emotionally balanced
  • work helps to develop the attitude of seeing challenges as a pathway to success
  • work enables one to become more capable of helping others if one decides to.


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