Don’t be imprisoned by traditions: there is always a better way to get things done

Always remember that no matter how good a system or tradition is, there will always be a way to make it better, or much more perfect. So don’t allow yourself become imprisoned by the comfort of what people have been using, or what they have been used to doing!

Be an active adventurous explorer instead of an inactive unadventurous passenger. In many circumstances, if you allow yourself to be imprisoned by some established systems or traditions, you will not be able to achieve anything, and also you won’t be able to reach your true destiny.

Your inner unlimited potential and capabilities are not destined to be trapped by man-made systems, traditions and odd environments. If you allow them to be trapped, then someone else who won’t allow theirs to be trapped would do what you were incapable of doing.

Refrain from letting your heart become convinced that something can’t be changed or done for the better, just because an established system or tradition made it look like it can’t be changed. The unfolding of your greatest inner capabilities demands that you forge ahead beyond the traditions of your family, parents, society, etc.

Many systems and traditions are enemies of our greatest potentials and capabilities

Crops cannot grow well on poor soil, and marine life cannot live and develop properly in polluted water environments. The same applies to our inner potential and capabilities: we cannot maximize them in odd environments! No matter how good an environment is, it might be odd—or even bad at the same time.

In the same way that bad company corrupts good character, so do odd environments minimize and debase inner potentials and capabilities. This implies that no matter how strong our intentions and mentalities are, if we allow odd environments have their way, they would eventually change us instead of becoming influenced by us.

Many dreams perished because they were manipulated by the negative effects of odd systems, traditions and environments. Always remember that in many cases, no system or tradition has the ability to see life the way you do. Established systems and traditions will never be able to understand the vision and destiny that GOD had kept in store for you before you were born into this world.


Maximize your inner potential and capabilities by managing your environment in a way that would make it easy to unleash and materialize your dreams; not the other way round. Protect your inner potential and capabilities by being careful with how you share your dreams, aspirations and future plans with other people in an environment.

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