Your life is not a fluke of the universe—even if your parents didn’t plan to have you, GOD did

As disjointed as life may appear to be, we are not flukes of the universe—you are not a fluke of the universe! Contrary to popular speculations from certain people, especially scientists, our existence didn’t occur by accident.

Your birth was not a mishap or fluke of nature; you didn’t come into existence as a consequence of any big bang! Even if your parents didn’t plan to have you, GOD did!

No matter how much people were surprised at how you came into being, and how you were born, GOD wasn’t surprised because He expected your physical existence long before you were conceived in the womb.

“Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee”— Jeremiah 1:5a

So the truth is that long before anyone as conceived by their mother, they were first conceived in the mind of GOD; in fact, they already had a spiritual life prior to physical birth.

First, GOD thought about us, and then created the spiritual part of us before we were physically conceived. Our existence is not by coincidence; it’s not as a result of fate, chance, or luck. We are alive and breathing because GOD created us—that’s just the way it is!

GOD purposely assigned us to a particular race; He gave us a particular skin colors, features and settings for a reason

Just as creators of vehicles design them for particular purposes, so did GOD give us bodies and features the way he wanted them—for specific purposes.

Also, GOD decided the type of talents and unique personality traits that we should possess; He alone knows how we were made, bit by bit; He knows how we were sculpted from nothing to something magnificent and powerful—He knows us inside out!

No matter the amount of influence we think we have on our lives, GOD decided when we will be born and how long we will live. He planned the days of our lives far in advance, and long before our respective births and deaths.

Your nationality and race—which you either like or don’t like—is not a fluke; it’s not an accident or coincidence. It was all planned with precision, and for a meaningful purpose.

GOD ushered humanity into this world, and set different places and times for various races to live in. Nothing is life is arbitrary as you may think, or as it might seem; everything has a purpose.

While the world might agree that there are illegitimate parents, there are no illegitimate babies or children

On one hand, it is quite unfortunate that many people didn’t plan to have children; on the other hand, it is fortunate that even though people didn’t plan to have children, GOD planned for every child to have a destiny and be ushered into this world.

GOD’s purpose is loving and very considerate because it takes into consideration human imperfection, error and sin. That is why it is quite common to see so-called “illegitimate children” achieve a great destiny that positively affects the lives of many so-called “legitimate children”.

The more scientists understand the secrets of the universe, the more they will agree that our respective births and the world uniquely suit our existence for GOD’s purpose

“All the evidence available in the biological sciences supports the core proposition…that the cosmos is a specially designed whole with life and mankind as its fundamental goal and purpose, a whole in which all facets of reality have their meaning and explanation in this central fact”—Dr. Michael Denton (senior research fellow, human molecular genetics, University of Otago, New Zealand).

GOD went through all the trouble of creating a universe for everyone and every visible and invisible being because He is a GOD of complete and everlasting love. His type of love is too great to fathom!

Without GOD at the helm of affairs in the universe, there would be no laws and guidance; there would be no right or wrong; also, there would be no hope of existing beyond our few years of life on Earth.

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