The results and great achievements of a powerful imagination

Imagination is a very important tool in life; the way it is employed or used can lead to either success, lack of success, or anything in between.

It is great and admirable to be able to use one’s imagination, especially in this age where opportunities abound like never before in history.

Imagination is a part of the mind that can be nurtured, cultivated, developed and turned into something limitless! If it were not true, Thomas Edison wouldn’t have been able to invent moving pictures, sound recorders, the electric bulb, and many other useful inventions that have helped mankind and stood the test of time.

If it was not true that imagination can be turned into something limitless, then Marshall Field—a merchant whose store burned and went up in smoke—wouldn’t have been able to move on from great loss to create one of the world’s greatest retail stores on the same spot where his former store was located.

It took the imagination of a single person to dig a few feet into the ground, study the area, and discover one of the greatest copper deposits on Earth; this happened after thousands (and probably millions) of people didn’t discover the copper despite walking and passing by the land occupied by the great Calumet Copper Mine.

If not for the limitlessness of imagination, Woolworth F. W. wouldn’t have been able to create plans of 5 and 10 cents in his imagination before materializing them and becoming a multimillionaire.

Great companies, schools, businesses and institutions all over the world were born out of the imagination of people who initially had no audience outside their families or communities.

Every great bridge, invention or idea began in the imagination of someone who employed their thinking in a productive way.

Whoever or wherever you are, or whatever you do for a living, there will always be room for you to be more productive if you use your imagination

Although success in this world depends a lot on individual imagination and effort, general success usually depends a lot on other people.

Typically, after using imagination to make decisions, achieving success becomes a matter of how other people are skillfully and tactically used to finally materialized ideas.

Proper, efficient and productive use of imagination can attract enviable attention from leaders in the corridors of power who have the ability to promote you to higher positions of money and responsibility much to your surprise—you become a much-cherished possession!

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