Be creative, instead of reactive and passive!

There are two main types of people living on Earth: those who spend their days being creative, and those who spend their days being reactive and passive.

Creative people spend their time creating, while reactive people spend their time reacting by watching and being passive to the things that are being created around us by creative people.

Take hold of your life and create your own game plans

Don’t be passive about how you approach the things of life: be creative and let life respond to you instead of the other way round.

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If you can summon your energy and inspire yourself enough to create your own plans far in advance, and follow them up, then life will respond to you much more better than it would if you remain reactive and passive.

Many people spend their days being reactive instead of creative

We spend a hell lot of time procrastinating, gossiping and watching other people get good and great things done without being aware that we are being reactive and passive.

We wake up reacting to news, feelings and situations instead of thinking and working out ways to create them. The habit of reacting to everything instead of creating something usually goes on and on and on for many people.

It is high time to switch from being reactive, to being creative and increasing any available creativity we have

If you increase your tempo and make your life more creative, then endless opportunities could well spring up for you, and you will be deeply involved in the overall creative process in creation.

Learn how to plan your days long in advance as you play the game of life, and the world will respond to you because you are instigating it to respond to you—you are being creative instead of being reactive and passive.

If you are not creative, the life you may likely get will be reactive, passive and largely an accident because creation will be the one making a choice for you, instead of you making a choice for yourself!


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