Find your own short-cut to self-motivation

In many circumstances, it is difficult to use or apply other people’s methods to motivate ourselves—for self-motivation; the best thing to do in many cases is to find our own little paths to self-motivation, even if they are as little as drops of water.

Never forget that big oceans consist of uncountable drops of water

Learn how to see yourself as someone who would only have to take small/smaller actions in order instigate or create big/bigger actions. You might not always be able to take big/bigger actions without taking small/smaller ones.

Create your own ritual that could be your short-cut to self-motivation. If you read numerous motivation or self-motivation books, one thing you will notice is that “action” has much to do with motivation.

Generally speaking, in life one thing always leads to another. One action instigates another—and in most cases, it instigates a bigger action than the initial action. In order to be self-motivated, we must take one form of action or another, no matter how little or small.

Doing one thing will eventually lead to another—this is universal!

An object that exerts itself enough to stay in motion will remain in motion; the same applies to human beings too.

There are certain people who go to specific places before they can be motivated; there are certain people who eat certain things before they can be motivated; there are certain people who wear certain clothes before they can be motivated; there are certain people need to take a walk before they can be motivated; etc.

Whatever you need to do in order to motivate yourself, do it; don’t wait for another person’s principles of motivation to work for you—do something, no matter how little. Take some form of action!

Sometimes it’s easier to motivate yourself if you apply your own little motivation techniques before applying that of other people

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