Solutions can’t live without problems, and problems can’t live without solutions—you can’t have one without the other

In life no one can have it all; there is a left hand and also a right one; good and bad live together side by side; and there are dos and don’ts in every endeavor in life.

You can’t have only one category; on the other hand, you must have both—learn to live with them!

Every problem has a solution! Even if a solution is not physically available at the moment, it exists in the deep parts of the mind and will be uncovered by those who dare!

Why do we hate problems when people have studied problems and used them to invent the greatest solutions?

Why do we desire to have a hassle-free life or existence when such a life will never be in reach, especially in a world that was designed to be like schools where people are given assignments and problems to solve before they can have a chance to graduate?

Almost every one would agree that in one way or another problems are good for our evolution and progress because they challenge us to look for answers, especially good and useful answers!

Solving mathematical problems is good for the development of students; in the same vein, solving life’s problems is good for each person’s spiritual and eternal progress.

By solving problems, people become more self-sufficient and efficient problem-solvers

If you want to become great, then be a problem-solver, not a person who fears and runs away from problems.

It’s quite sad that many people approach the problems of life the way some people approach mathematics: they have become so scared of problems that they look at problems as monsters instead of midget challenges.

Approach every problem in the spirit of “play”: never forget that each problem carries a gift within itself

The best way to approach every problem is to take it like a game: take a one-on-one challenge with each problem! If we take problems too seriously—by expecting that they will destroy us—then we will never get to see the gifts that are inside problems.

If you go around life assuming that problems are always curses, it might be very difficult to look for the motivation you need to confront, surmount and overcome challenges.

On the other hand, if you learn how to look for/accept the opportunities that problems present, then your motivational energy will develop and always rise.

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