The journey to your dreams will never be straight-forward—always be prepared to stage a comeback

The journey and progress to your dreams, goals and aspirations will never be straight-forward. In most cases it will always be a rocky and bumpy line filled with challenges and rough edges.

In the journey of life people usually go up and down; far above the ground, and far beneath the same ground; one step forward, and two or more steps backward. This type of movement can discourage a lot of people.

Many people get discouraged when they take a step forward, and move two or more steps backward

After many people move back and forth, north and south, east and west, they begin to think that they are failing and have lost direction, BUT THEY HAVEN’T; they are just in a natural state of progress.

If everyone can understand life this way, they will be able to move along or work together with any tide that life brings; they will not be too hard on themselves or offended when the path of life isn’t perfect.

Be prepared for ups and downs, and get ready to schedule your own comebacks

If you have ever heard or read about the greatest comebacks in history, you would know that one thing in life is for sure: regardless of how cut-off and down people or teams are, they can always stage comebacks and wear crowns. Be prepared for your own comeback!


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