You are the only one in the best position to identify or know your true purpose of living

Many people would like to know their true purpose of living or existing in the great halls of creation in which the Earth is like a tiny speck of sand among the uncountable specks of sand on a seashore.

How can we know or be sure about our true purpose for living?

The answer to this question is yours for the taking! You must look for the answers and provide them, if not, nobody will adequately do that for you—not even the person who gave birth to you.

Many people later come to find out in life that the things they love, cherish and dream of achieving, is directly opposite and in complete variance with what their parents have been thinking is the best for them.

Nobody is in a better position to reveal your true purpose for living than yourself—your heart; your conscience!

The things that make you excited and happy about life are the best clues to your true purpose of living

What activities or type of people motivate/inspire you and get you excited and happy? If you can answer this question with all honesty, then you will be able to achieve three very important things:

  • find out where you can serve the world and give your all/best
  • be on the right path towards identifying or knowing your true purpose of living, and
  • be on the right path to success.

You won’t be able to find or live your life’s true purpose if you don’t provide service, or serve people in one way or another

You won’t be able to serve people wholeheartedly and happily if you are not happy or excited about serving or offering service in one way or another.

Many people are not happy in their offices even though they have suitable jobs, good working conditions, and work under very appreciative bosses.

If a person is happy with their job (offering service), then they can live their true life’s purpose anywhere, and work under any type of boss.

Find out what makes you excited and happy, and start doing it

If playing soccer makes you happy—like it has made the best soccer players before they became famous and rich—then get a ball and look for other people to start playing with. After taking that step, a path will gradually open up for you.

If writing makes you happy, start writing on paper, computer, or get a website. Don’t wait until anybody gives you your prized job and millions of dollars! Start somewhere, even if it’s down there—you can reach any goal in life if you are happy!



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