The Importance of Self Discovery! Who are You?

“For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” That’s a verse from The Bible located in the book of “Proverbs 23:7”. Each person’s output in life is a product of his or her own thoughts! What type of thoughts do you harbor about your capabilites? The degree of intelligence you emit is deeply linked with the discovery of who you think you really are. To a great extent, the level of awareness you have about yourself will determine how well you fare in life. Esau, one of the real-life characters in The Bible, didn’t know the implication of the wrong decision he took when he was selling his lifelong birthright to Jacob (his younger brother) in exchange for a common plate of food. He didn’t know how powerful and effective his birthright was; it’s apparent he didn’t care about his future! With a lack of foresight, he couldn’t see the consequence of that short-sighted decision: he didn’t know it would lead to an automatic transfer of his blessings to his younger brother (Jacob), while Esau himself ended up living a life that was void of any form of greatness, as compared to the glory that his younger brother experienced.

The impression you have about your own abilities will determine how the adversities of life approach you, attack you and treat you. If you see yourself as a lion, the devil and the adversities of life will appear before you as lowly as a dog. If you see yourself as an eagle, no devil or adversity will treat you as a chicken! As long as the prodigal son in The Bible didn’t realize he was the child of a powerful and wealthy man, he continued to eat with pigs … but as soon as he realized who he was—that he was the son of wealthy man—he returned to his father and his adversity came to an abrupt end. Discovering your identity is an answer to the adversities of life. Devils oppress people with all types of negativity by merely taking advantage of their ignorance; but if you know your full capabilities, they wouldn’t dare cross your path. This is one of the reasons why it’s very important to always read, read and re-read motivational and spiritual books, articles and contents which have the ability to create a powerful shield against negative thinking, and shed more light to an important destination in life called “self discovery”.

The easiest way to discover yourself, and know what you were made for, is to ask the highest power (GOD) in you for guidance, because he created everyone and everything; he is the creator of humanity, and no one knows us better than he does! GOD manufactured creation and everything in it, including you! Who are you? Having a conscious knowledge about your capabilities is very important. In the Bible, John knew who he was (John 1:23); Jesus Christ too knew who he was (John 15:1), but unfortunately, the sons of Sceva (Acts 19:15) didn’t know who they were, and they failed to contend with that question when confronted. They were unaware about themselves and the outcome became disastrous for them. You need to define your personal identity in order to avoid many accidents which can occur in your destiny. Having in-depth knowledge about yourself is very important because of the strengths and breakthroughs that could be released from it, and the positive results which can be further accomplished with it.

Knowledge sponsors energy, and energy determines destiny. On the other hand, ignorance kills any available energy, and it simultaneously exposes weakness. Behind every breakthrough and awesome invention is a unique discovery. When a discovery is made, or when new knowledge is invented, people get elevated to the realm of breakthrough. If there is any area in your life where breakthrough is needed, make thorough research on the knowledge required for it to happen, then you will be on the path to breakthrough. The continuous acquisition of knowledge affects productivity, and acquiring more knowledge will give you more results and achievements. After the discovery of GOD, the next and most important discovery or knowledge to acquire is the knowledge about yourself! Who are you? The discovery of yourself is key to achieving greatness in life. Embark on the search to answer that question today. Who are you? What talents and potentials do you possess? What relevant thing(s) do you feel you were you sent to do on Earth?

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