The feeling of blogging to 1st position on Google in 28 countries

Once again, the purpose of such an article is only to provide inspiration. The journey of a blogger or site owner can be hard, arduous and discouraging without having any idea or evidence of long-term benefits.

All of us need a bit of motivation here and there along the way—hence the aim of the post: to inspire! If we do not keep on trying, we might not know how easy it is to cut or bypass the hidden barriers!

Many musicians’ songs are topping charts in several countries across the globe. I’m not a musician, but for several weeks one of my articles has been topping Google’s number one spot in 28 countries whenever this popular keyword is typed: “types of technical drawing”.

This comes as a surprise, especially when the concerned article (Definition & types of technical drawing), which was published in February 2019, gradually and increasingly attracted views until this month (September) when it attracted far more views (especially via Google) than it ever did between February 2019 and the last day of last month (August 2019).

I wrote about the article’s stats which can be read via the following links:

When these two articles were published, the average position of the concerned article was 1.4 and 1.3 respectively. At the time of publishing (today), the most recent average position of the article was 1.1, although the Google Search Console report of my website, which was last updated about 9 hours prior, recorded 1.2 as the average position.

Screenshot 1_Average position 1.1 on Google

Screenshot 2_average position on Google 9 hours prior to position 1.1

The Google Search Console report for my article’s position on Google in 32 countries

Screenshot 3_Position of article in first 8 countries

Screenshot 4_position of article in 9th and 10th countries

Screenshot 5_Position of article in 11th to 18th countries

Screenshot 6_position of article in 19th and 20th countries

Screenshot 7_Position of article in 21st to 28th countries

Screenshot 8_position of article in 29th and 30th countries

Screenshot 9_Position of article in 31st and 32nd countries

Fellows, always keep your heads up! You can always make it! You can always do anything!


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