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We always motivate people to enhance themselves and their environment—the world. In order to achieve this goal, we consistently update information on topics related to motivation, environment, futurist science & technology, GOD, and spirituality—so as to offer reasonable perspectives on how issues could be better addressed.

Our era demands that we understand how man-made activities degrade the quality of the environment; environmental degradation calls for us to wake up and take sensible steps to reduce negative impacts of man-made activities on environment.

Whether you are familiar with environmental science or not, it’s important to continuously update yourself with information about the environment. In order to do so, you can always join us for a few minutes in our “QUESTIONS & ANSWERS on ENVIRONMENT” part of our menu which can be seen at the top of our home page: https://motivation-environment.com.

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We hope this website will motivate you to treat yourself and the environment in a positive/inspiring way that will sustain you, the world, and all living things; in this regard, we aim for the stars which we look up to, not as a limit, but as a challenge which we can overcome and become greater.