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Great things are often created gradually, not overnight—the same applies to your self-development

Most people who get very high on an idea of what they would like to become, usually start out with a very desire, but fail to realize that changes in human habits and beliefs usually take time because our subconsciousness (subconscious mind)—the bearer and storekeeper of all knowledge, powers and abilities—isn’t naturally used to changing overnight. The subconscious mind needs

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How faith comes, grows, and increasingly becomes stronger!

Although many people lose the powerful feeling or strong impact of positive words and thoughts long after they have been read or thought about, it doesn’t mean that continuous hearing or reading of positive words doesn’t have a long-lasting impact—it certainly does! The history of events surrounding Jesus Christ and his disciples shows that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing

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Real life story on how hardship & challenges can help you travel deep down inside and find your true potential

It is quite common for people to leave things undone when they are supposed to do them and elevate themselves to a higher position. Many people who leave things undone, also don’t listen to good advice and recommendations from other people. Generally, most of us procrastinate and forfeit the internal journey to our true potential. We must all travel that

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How to transform an environmentally unsustainable society into an environmentally sustainable one

Environmental degradation is no longer a new topic. Many air, water, and land environments in many societies (worldwide) are heavily polluted to such an extent that they’ve become unsustainable and need urgent attention so they can be transformed from unsustainable environments to sustainable environments: the types of environments that are part and parcel of environmentally sustainable societies. But how can

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