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Negative impacts of material & immaterial types of affluence on environment

(Image credit: Pixabay.) Materially affluent rich people, and immaterially affluent poor people both contribute to environmental pollution and degradation.

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Progressive enlightenment of mankind: can mankind become complete masters of natural forces?

In past ages, natural activities were relegated to the domain of “mysticism”: For countless ages, mankind has been a passive observer of nature’s forces and activities which once seemed to be locked in the domain of mysticism and spiritualism. Accounts of the belief systems of the earliest races of mankind show that people once marveled at unknown and unexplainable forces

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Prophets of technology, or prophets of GOD?

If we read the lifestyles of some people who have made great contributions to technology, but whose religious statuses have not been as pronounced as their contributions to technology, would we say such people were servants of technology, or materialism? In addition, if certain people have been able to foresee future technologies before they were produced to help mankind, would

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Why environmental pollution increases despite the usage of pollution prevention & clean-up measures

Wherever there is environmental clean-up, it’s expected that there should be an effective, complete or total clean-up of pollution or pollutants. On the contrary, prevention pollution and clean-up measures have increased environmental pollution as highlighted a bit further in this article. But first, what are the effects of pollutants on environment? Pollutants discharged into the environment have 3 types of

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7 important content marketing development strategies that would make most visitors read your posts

Many website visitors don’t actually read blog posts. Visitors only read content if it’s compelling enough; they could even go further by sharing your content on social media and other web platforms, and incredibly increasing your website’s views. Here are 7 important marketing development content strategies that can be employed in writing blog posts that visitors would be compelled to

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Freelance Christian writing online jobs: 19 websites currently paying for submissions

This post contains information for old and new writers who are talented, confident and interested in getting paid for writing about God or Christian faith-related matters. As at the time of publishing this post, many websites listed further down this article have been accepting articles/content submissions from writers. Please note that there are several others you could come across if

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