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Why non-renewable resources are not as non-renewable as you think

(Image Credit: Pixabay.) This article explains the meaning of the word “non-renewable” from laypeople’s and dictionaries’ perspectives, and the term “non-renewable resources” from an environmental science point of view. Next, it states the difference between the definitions given for renewable, and non-renewable resources, and highlights the parts of each that don’t seem to be precise.

It goes further to state 3 lessons learnt from definitions in existing literature, and ends by making 5 recommendations; one recommendation states that experts who borrow words from English language should use them in the original form they’ve been used in English language, so that people who don’t have a scientific background would readily understand and be carried along without much effort and confusion. Another recommendation states more appropriate terms that could be used in place of the word “renewable resources”, and the term “non-renewable resources”.

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Top 9 sustainability practices of nature that you should practice

We may refer to nature as the unseen power that empowers all forms of life and natural activities on Earth. Nature has been handling enormous environmental changes on Earth for about 3.5 billion years; that’s why many environmental experts say that when the Earth faces problematic environmental changes, we should observe and learn how to use nature’s methods/practices to handle

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Why you should crosscheck grammar in your content before publishing

Before you think this post is an all-conclusive one on grammar, let me state that it isn’t. Rather, it’s a brief exposition on the advantages of crosschecking grammar before publishing. Also, it provides information on how the quality of grammar and punctuation can affect content exposure, and how correct/good grammar can be used to optimize content and make readers want

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The Reality of Invisible Worlds & Life: Physical & Spiritual

It’s a bit shocking that in the midst of all the astonishing scientific and technological knowledge that has been discovered/invented over the ages, confusion and disbelief still abound regarding the existence of other invisible or inaccessible parts of creation; there is also uncertainty as to whether human souls exist before and after physical death. Science and technology, which have helped in

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