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Stephen Hawking: living life to the fullest despite constraints and limitations

It’s quite common to see people live with different types of physical and spiritual constraints that either incapacitates them and makes them become so weary and weak to such a point that they lose all hope; on the other hand, it could invigorate them and make them become highly competitive and productive individuals. It’s a sad fact that despite the

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Why you always have the ability to develop new insights & change your state of mind for the better

If you were to move around and ask hundreds of people how long they haven’t been happy, you’d get dozens of different answers that would either fall into the basket of happiness, or the basket of unhappiness. With the level of hardship and sorrows in today’s world, it won’t be surprising to get answers such as: “I haven’t been unhappy

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Definition, importance & advantages of using keyword search optimization

Definition of keyword search optimization Keyword optimization can be defined as the process of conducting keyword research in order to analyze and select the best keywords that would be able to target and drive qualified traffic from search engines to a website and its article(s). Why do most websites and blogs take keyword search optimization as a “do-or-die” thing? Because

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The choices you make will make a difference for your visitors, customers and followers

It’s quite difficult to get the general impression that visitors, customers or followers have about a particular website, blog, offline office, or any business. How do visitors feel about your business? Is there any difference in how you view life that also reflects in the image or brand of your business? Don’t be imprisoned by traditions: there is always a

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Before you venture into anything valuable, assess your values

While living in a world that is overshadowed by a powerful universe which cherishes values not often cherished on Earth, we have to be mindful of the values we hold in esteem whenever we want to venture into anything that is worthwhile! Before you start anything, check whether your plan reflects any important values you would like your personality, business

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Whenever things become too difficult, just let them be—but whenever you can, don’t let things remain undone

Anyone who studies the events in history and around the world, would likely agree that when important things are left undone, they can slowly and abruptly lead to chaos. But actually, how many things do we have the ability to get done? Not too many! We are only human and very much incapable of stretching ourselves beyond certain limits. For

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