Application of Google Earth in remote sensing for environmental research

(Image credit: Nowadays, physical presence, and the rigors associated with making it available, are not always needed in any quest to acquire information about the environment—thanks to remote sensing technologies: satellites and Google Earth.

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7 Important steps that can be used to study environmental problems—like a scientist

This article contains an outline of seven important steps most inquisitive people and scientists use to acquire deep understanding about environmental problems, and how the natural environment works. It has to be noted that, in order to comprehend the physical world, it isn’t necessary to follow the steps below, and in the exact order they appear on this post. The

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How to transform an environmentally unsustainable society into an environmentally sustainable one

Environmental degradation is no longer a new topic. Many air, water, and land environments in many societies (worldwide) are heavily polluted to such an extent that they’ve become unsustainable and need urgent attention so they can be transformed from unsustainable environments to sustainable environments: the types of environments that are part and parcel of environmentally sustainable societies. But how can

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