The reality of global warming: scary facts, and possible future consequences

(Image credit: Present environmental threats caused by heating the Earth beyond the extent that nature’s sun does—and possible future consequences.

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How to transform an environmentally unsustainable society into an environmentally sustainable one

Environmental degradation is no longer a new topic. Many air, water, and land environments in many societies (worldwide) are heavily polluted to such an extent that they’ve become unsustainable and need urgent attention so they can be transformed from unsustainable environments to sustainable environments: the types of environments that are part and parcel of environmentally sustainable societies. But how can

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How to reduce/eradicate environmental problems caused by mismanagement of common & shareable resources

Mismanagement of resources and environmental pollution is common in places where a lot of people use common and shareable resources together. Today’s post defines private, common and shareable resources or properties, and provides recommendable solutions that could reduce or prevent environmental problems and degradation caused by unsustainable use of resources and mismanagement of common & shareable resources—at local and global level.

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Negative environmental impact of using mineral resources

Mineral resources are naturally occurring concentrations of solid homogeneous inorganic substances that occur in nature and have precise chemical compositions. Mankind has done a great deal in developing the technical know-how to investigate, locate and extract more than a hundred minerals from the Earth’s crust. On the other hand, the mining, processing and production of items, tools and equipment from

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Impact of microplastics on marine environment & a cheap method for optimal extraction

Microplastics are small and barely visible pieces of plastic that are between 0.1 µm and 5 mm in size, and known to pollute the environment through man-made activities. They have been widely studied and are known to be products of fragmentation of large pieces of plastics that have deteriorated in quality after long periods of exposure and shedding. They cause

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