Matter, atoms & quantum energy: why are they completely under the control of those who are spiritually minded?

(Image credit: All matter/material things, regardless of size, have essentially the same material—the only difference is in the number of protons or electrons…knowledge about atoms could help modern science understand why matter can be partially or completely controlled by spiritually minded people.

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What religious texts & science say about the existence of other intelligent physical beings out there in the universe

(Image credit: Over the ages, and until recently, research always concentrated on this physical world, and gave laudatory remarks that planet Earth is the ideal planet…with strong statements from religious texts and scientific stats, it would be difficult to argue against any notion that physical life and intelligent beings are out there in other parts of the observable universe.

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“Science fiction” is equal to “science” plus “faith”—today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality

(Image credit: If one compares past records of miraculous events in religious books with many events in so-called science fiction movies, there won’t be a great deal of difference to notice between the two; this is due to the fact that all of them radiate great faith that defies natural logic.

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Destruction of scientific knowledge: past events that made it difficult for science to be easily accepted in future

(Image credit: Although the Earth was created about 4 billion years ago, there is considerably a less amount of past scientific knowledge available, and there are obvious reasons—the chief among them are the past incidences of destruction…on the other hand, facts still exist, and won’t cease to, no matter how much they have lost significance and attention.

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Scientific assessment of the possibility for humans to inhabit other planets in future

(Image credit: The achievements of science and technology in space have proven that immense possibilities lie ahead…although the habitation of other planets can be speeded up by more research and improvement of modern technology, only distant future generations might witness humans inhabit other planets.

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Could saucer-shaped space-craft be the perfect fit for future interstellar flights?

(Image credit: Could the best shape for interstellar flight be the saucer? Although the current crop of space-craft (rockets) have proven themselves technically to a great extent, one could still wonder whether the uncountable (but unproven?) number of saucer-shaped UFO sightings present mankind and science with a better idea for better exploration in deep space—one worth studying and learning from.

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