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What do religious texts & science say about the existence of other intelligent physical beings out there in the universe?

(Image credit: Over the ages, and until recently, research always concentrated on this physical world, and gave laudatory remarks that planet Earth is the ideal planet…with strong statements from religious texts and scientific stats, it would be difficult to argue against any notion that physical life and intelligent beings are out there in other parts of the observable universe.

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The stark reality of the ancient giants & gods: a merger of religious texts & scientific evidence

(Image credit:—Poseidon.) Scientific scholars, and those who have a special calling have been busy trying to connect the reality of ancient giants and beings with the reality our present-day life—and prove that they actually existed like we exist today…it is fruitless to throw away the past period of time when their activities peaked.

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Negative impact of materialism on spirituality: How to increase spiritual stature & store treasures in heaven

There are many people—probably a large number—who would hate the sight of this article’s title because of their presumption that spirituality goes hand in hand with “lack of material possessions”. Well, such a presumption is off the cards, and is wrong—as much as I know. After birth, and immediately human beings become conscious, they also start figuring out ways to

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Mankind’s unsuccessful pursuit of physical immortality, when real immortality lies within each of us

What could be so interesting about life on Earth that people would want to live on it forever? Throughout history, a lot of people have pondered about immortality, and several others have made unsuccessful attempts to find it after using all the available resources at their disposal. But why would people seek for physical immortality in external things when spiritual

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Do certain miracles abide by logical natural/spiritual laws? Or, are they just arbitrary acts?

Whenever “impossible things” become possible, people call them miracles. Miracles could be regarded as acts that make people to wonder—even long after their occurrence. On the other hand, no matter how awesome miracles are, they are just natural events because they occur in real life. Some people believe that all things are possible. In fact, many awesome earthly experiences of

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