Will mankind’s creation overpower mankind?— The future of AI (artificial intelligence)

It’s normal for everyone to believe that a creator will always have power or influence over their creation. Believers in GOD know that GOD created man from dust, and then “breathed the breathe of life into his nostrils, and man became a living soul.” On the other hand, believers in mythology believe that the ancient gods (who were probably GOD’s

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The mystery behind unequal allocation of talents & circumstances: GOD knows what he’s doing

We know that each person is born into either, fortunate circumstances, or unfortunate circumstances. Also, fortunate and unfortunate circumstances show up during each person’s life, and each person is given different talents, opportunities or challenges, which will either lift them up, or bring them down. The difference in distribution of talents and circumstances at birth, and during the journey of

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Progressive enlightenment of mankind: Can mankind become complete masters of natural forces?

In past ages, natural activities were relegated to the domain of “mysticism”: For countless ages, mankind has been a passive observer of nature’s forces and activities which once seemed to be locked in the domain of mysticism and spiritualism. Accounts of the belief systems of the earliest races of mankind show that people once marveled at unknown and unexplainable forces

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Prophets of technology, or prophets of GOD?

If we read the lifestyles of some people who have made great contributions to technology, but whose religious statuses have not been as pronounced as their contributions to technology, would we say such people were servants of technology, or materialism? In addition, if certain people have been able to foresee future technologies before they were produced to help mankind, would

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