Freelance writing online job opportunities: campervans, MS Excel, kitchen, dogs, men’s lifestyle, etc.

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7 important content marketing development strategies that would make most visitors read your posts

Many website visitors don’t actually read blog posts. Visitors only read content if it’s compelling enough; they could even go further by sharing your content on social media and other web platforms, and incredibly increasing your website’s views. Here are 7 important marketing development content strategies that can be employed in writing blog posts that visitors would be compelled to

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Freelance Christian writing online jobs: 19 websites currently paying for submissions

This post contains information for old and new writers who are talented, confident and interested in getting paid for writing about God or Christian faith-related matters. As at the time of publishing this post, many websites listed further down this article have been accepting articles/content submissions from writers. Please note that there are several others you could come across if

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Freelance writing: types and benefits, & how to pitch editors and get writing jobs

It would be wrong to assume every reader knows what freelance writing is. But at least some readers have an idea about it, while others could search the internet and find out more about it. Regardless, we will provide some useful information about freelance writing: Definition: Freelance writing is any paid writing job done by someone who is not a

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Why you should crosscheck grammar in your content before publishing

Before you think this post is an all-conclusive one on grammar, let me state that it isn’t. Rather, it’s a brief exposition on the advantages of crosschecking grammar before publishing. Also, it provides information on how the quality of grammar and punctuation can affect content exposure, and how correct/good grammar can be used to optimize content and make readers want

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