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Vibrations of GOD’s greatness in the visible things around us

It’s true that no one on Earth has seen GOD, and no one will likely ever be able to see GOD with their physical eyes. It would be the greatest feat ever, if it ever happened. Good enough, people have been able to feel the vibrations of GOD’s greatness, as evidenced in great miracles, inward spiritual nourishment, inspiration from GOD’s

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The mystery behind unequal allocation of talents & circumstances: God knows what he’s doing

We know that each person is born into either, fortunate circumstances, or unfortunate circumstances. Also, fortunate and unfortunate circumstances show up during each person’s life, and each person is given different talents, opportunities or challenges, which will either lift them up, or bring them down. The difference in distribution of talents and circumstances at birth, and during the journey of

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My reception of “the versatile blogger award”

I’m so delighted to have been nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award”—about 2¾ years after starting this blog. One award after 2¾ years? That’s quite a long time; isn’t it? Don’t you think so? Words won’t be enough for me to express how much I appreciate the nomination from Ribana: It’s really a great honor! A very big thanks

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Progressive enlightenment of mankind: can mankind become complete masters of natural forces?

In past ages, natural activities were relegated to the domain of “mysticism”: For countless ages, mankind has been a passive observer of nature’s forces and activities which once seemed to be locked in the domain of mysticism and spiritualism. Accounts of the belief systems of the earliest races of mankind show that people once marveled at unknown and unexplainable forces

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