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Draw up from the well of wisdom located deep within your heart

The scripture in Proverbs 20:5 of the Christian Bible, states: “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out”. An assessment of the scripture will give you the impression that an immeasurable amount of treasures lie waiting in each person’s heart, and these treasures can help each individual live an

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10 Factors That Present Inconclusive Evidences as Causes of Obesity

Despite the global prevalence of obesity, there seems to be no universal agreement on the best dietary practice that could sustain a moderate or favorable body weight. Diets containing low percentages of carbohydrate and high percentages of protein result in greater quantity of weight loss on a short term basis. Based on results obtained from studies, diets containing lower percentages

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The power of words

In the book of The Bible, “Hebrews 11 : 3” says: “Through faith we understand that the universe was framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were made from nothing.” Everything you see, handle and feel, came out of words. In fact, words are the most powerful tools in the universe. Kingdoms and nations

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