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Past events that disproved the impossible: one person’s impossibility is another person’s possibility

(Image credit: In many areas of life, the study of things that were deemed “impossible”, actually opened up completely unexpected paths to greater human endeavors—especially in science and technology.

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My reception of “The Sunshine Blogger Award”: One bright ray of sunshine out of so many

Words won’t be enough for me to express how glad I feel to be nominated for “The Sunshine Blogger Award”—my third award nomination ever. This particular award fills me with so much delight because the word “sunshine” is synonymous with the word “motivation”, which has strong ties with this site, and will continue to do so. I appreciate this nomination

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The Mystery Blogger Award: One more mystery out of so many

I’m so glad to have been nominated for “The Mystery Blogger Award”—my second award nomination ever. Words won’t be enough for me to express how much I appreciate the nomination from two people: Riya Gupta——and the owner of “Crafts Inspire Me”: (Actually, I couldn’t locate the name of the site owner.) It’s really a great honor! To be precise,

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