The importance of technical & engineering drawings

Technical & engineering drawing are real clear-cut languages used in the technical and engineering design processes for visualization, communication, and documentation; these are areas where technical & engineering drawing are very important. As you may know, drawings are graphical representations of objects, shapes and structures that are drawn using either freehand, mechanical, or computer methods. Download PDF: Definition & Types

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Types of technical & engineering drawing lines and their uses

You can view pictorial illustrations of the most popular types of lines used in technical and engineering drawing by clicking here. Download PDF: Types of Technical & Engineering Drawing Lines and Their Uses (Download Instructions: When you click the link above or below, also click the “Skip AD” button that will appear around the top right corner of your screen,

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Types of lines used in technical & engineering drawings

Technical and engineering drawings express precise requirements or specifications that should be easy to interpret. There are certain types of lines used for graphical communication in technical and engineering drawing in order to convey clear messages, and abide by good professional standards. Generally, most of the lines used in practice are of uniform thickness and density. It is vital for

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The importance of standardization in technical & engineering drawings

Technical and engineering drawings/graphics are a bit more cumbersome or involving than artistic drawings because they require the use of terms, symbols and rules that are somewhat universal, and which knowledgeable people can understand and use in communicating. Practitioners of both technical and engineering drawing have done a lot of work over decades to harmonize terms, symbols and rules universally,

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Common terms used to describe dimensions of objects/shapes used in technical & engineering drawings

The word “dimension” can be defined as the magnitude of a shape or object in a particular direction; it can also be defined as the linear measurement of a line used to describe the value of the length, breadth, height, thickness, or circumference of an object or structure. A dimension is one of the three coordinates of the position of

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Orthographic Drawing: Definition, Types, Views, Tutorial & Practice (PDF Download Available)

This article contains information about orthographic drawing (drafting or projection), and uses different images to illustrate the meaning and types of orthographic drawing. In addition, the article has 21 figures (images) of objects in 2D & 3D, and a tutorial on how to get started and going with orthographic drawing. The eBook/technical drawing PDF document of this article can be obtained by following an instruction at the end of this article. (Featured image credit:

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