Could saucer-shaped space-craft be the perfect fit for future interstellar flights?

(Image credit: Could the best shape for interstellar flight be the saucer? Although the current crop of space-craft (rockets) have proven themselves technically to a great extent, one could still wonder whether the uncountable (but unproven?) number of saucer-shaped UFO sightings present mankind and science with a better idea for better exploration in deep space—one worth studying and learning from.

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The stark reality of the ancient giants & gods: a merger of religious texts & scientific evidence

(Image credit:—Poseidon.) Scientific scholars, and those who have a special calling have been busy trying to connect the reality of ancient giants and beings with the reality our present-day life—and prove that they actually existed like we exist today…it is fruitless to throw away the past period of time when their activities peaked.

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