The numbers of words are not as important as the impact of words on readers

The sizes, or number of words contained in posts are not as important as the impact of the words on readers’ thoughts. The quality of one’s vocabulary does not depend on size of content, or the number of words used; rather, it depends on the effects the words, and phrases and sentences have on readers’ thoughts…the types of words used, and how they are placed, creates an impact on listeners and readers. Words and the visualizations they create, can either be dull and boring, or bright and entertaining—and they make people react either accordingly. (Featured image credit:

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Building confidence & conquering fear: types of fears & positive actions to conquer them

Fear really exists; it cannot be destroyed, but it can be conquered. In order to conquer it, we must first recognize that it exists. One major thought that will help us a lot in our journey to conquer fear is this: confidence is either acquired or developed—nobody was born with confidence. Taking certain positive actions will help us conquer fear and build confidence; on the other hand, stagnation, indecision and postponement (procrastination) strengthen fear. If you are decisive and consistently take positive action whenever you encounter fear, you will conquer it and build your confidence. (Featured image credit:

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Excuses: the major types of excuses that shouldn’t be allowed to hinder us from success

The more focussed and hard-working an individual is, the lesser they tend to make excuses. Successful people seldom give excuses; they bottle them up, and—most often than not—instead of complaining, they get down to the root of business and look for solutions to issues…on the other hand, people who are not focussed and hardworking, and have no plans to get anywhere, always have a truckload of excuses to give. Excuses appear in different forms, but the most common types seem to be associated with phrases like “bad luck”, “low intelligence”, and “old age”—and sometimes, “young age” too. (Featured image credit:

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Mr. Victory versus Mr. Defeat: how to handle the endless mind war that exists within us

Our minds are thought factories: busy invisible buildings that produce and develop countless number of thoughts on a daily basis. We have two deputies: Mr. Victory, who specializes in producing and developing positive thoughts and ideas to inspire you; and Mr. Defeat who specializes in producing negative and depreciating thoughts to debase you and give you reasons why you will remain weak and inadequate…you don’t need Mr. Defeat; so the wise thing to do is to sack Mr. Defeat, and make Mr. Victory stronger by thinking positively on a consistent basis. (Featured image credit:

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There is magic in positive thinking—always think positively!

It is widely believed that fate influences the outcomes of many activities in our lives; but so does positive thinking too…we are told that “whatever will be, will be”; that our destiny is out of our control…but history has proven that the size of one’s happiness and success depends a lot on the size of one’s positive thinking. There is magic in positive thinking; develop an ever-increasing desire for it, and you will greatly enhance your chances for success. (Featured image credit:

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Be a real leader and people will follow you: the qualities of leaders that the world loves

The world loves a leader…you can see it everywhere: in organizations, societies, states, countries, and even on the internet…there is no part of the world where people aren’t eagerly looking for someone to follow, learn from and take action. Real leaders are admired by people because they show the world how value can be added to every activity. Be a true leader and people will follow you. (Featured image credit:

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