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Why non-renewable resources are not as non-renewable as you think

(Image Credit: Pixabay.) This article explains the meaning of the word “non-renewable” from laypeople’s and dictionaries’ perspectives, and the term “non-renewable resources” from an environmental science point of view. Next, it states the difference between the definitions given for renewable, and non-renewable resources, and highlights the parts of each that don’t seem to be precise.

It goes further to state 3 lessons learnt from definitions in existing literature, and ends by making 5 recommendations; one recommendation states that experts who borrow words from English language should use them in the original form they’ve been used in English language, so that people who don’t have a scientific background would readily understand and be carried along without much effort and confusion. Another recommendation states more appropriate terms that could be used in place of the word “renewable resources”, and the term “non-renewable resources”.

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