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Questions & answers 1: definition of terms in environmental science, sustainability & pollution sources

(Image credit: Pixabay.) This article contains the first of a continuous series of upcoming questions and answers (Q & A) on environment—specifically on definitions of terms used in environmental science, and issues related to sustainability.

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Top 9 sustainability practices of nature that you should practice

We may refer to nature as the unseen power that empowers all forms of life and natural activities on Earth. Nature has been handling enormous environmental changes on Earth for about 3.5 billion years; that’s why many environmental experts say that when the Earth faces problematic environmental changes, we should observe and learn how to use nature’s methods/practices to handle

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Why a sustainable amount of biofuels would be used as an alternative to jet fuel in 50 years’ time

Assessing the sustainability of biofuels for aviation has been an area of interest for researchers because it is a renewable and more environmentally friendly alternative to jet fossil fuel which is non-renewable and greatly diminishing day by day. Aviation biofuels, which are fuels produced from renewable biological resources like plants (or indirectly from industrial, domestic or agricultural wastes), are seen

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10 Factors That Present Inconclusive Evidences as Causes of Obesity

Despite the global prevalence of obesity, there seems to be no universal agreement on the best dietary practice that could sustain a moderate or favorable body weight. Diets containing low percentages of carbohydrate and high percentages of protein result in greater quantity of weight loss on a short term basis. Based on results obtained from studies, diets containing lower percentages

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