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How faith comes, grows, and increasingly becomes stronger!

Although many people lose the powerful feeling or strong impact of positive words and thoughts long after they have been read or thought about, it doesn’t mean that continuous hearing or reading of positive words doesn’t have a long-lasting impact—it certainly does! The history of events surrounding Jesus Christ and his disciples shows that “faith comes by hearing…hearing by the

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The type of faith that can deeply inspire you

This article contains content from twelve of this website’s very positive and inspiring articles on topics related to faith; they have to be read, re-read and meditated upon if any real benefit will be derived from studying them. The eBook of this article (which is approximately 14,000-words or 81 pages) is available for download. (Featured Image Credit: Pixabay.com.)

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Faith is stronger than experience—unfortunately, faith is not as cheap as experience

Experience is really valuable in the world because it is used to approach many situations and solve many problems—but only to a certain extent that faith can actually do better than, and even surpass. Experience is based on what the five human senses can perceive; it is the observation of physical facts as a source of knowledge and a product

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How to deal with incompetence: choose faith, cheerfulness & optimism, instead of doubt & fear

Many people have been deluded by personal thoughts of incompetence. Maybe we have been told that we are not competent enough and will never be able to do certain things—and we believed it…one thing we should never forget is that competence and incompetence are just different states of mind—either a combination of faith, cheerfulness and optimism, or a combination of doubt and fear. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

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Faith: the superpower that materializes desires & gives new life to dying ambitions

Faith is the superpower that helps people handle the positives and negatives of tomorrow’s gifts and challenges: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”—Hebrews 11: 1…we are entitled to everything that is good; regardless of any situation, we should expect nothing but good. (Featured image credit: Pixabay.com.)

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