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Are certain people servants of GOD, or part-time servants of themselves? Who are the real servants of GOD?

(Image credit: Pixabay.com.) Are the attendants of temples, mosques, and churches (amongst other buildings of worship) the only ones who are the real servants of GOD?

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Do certain miracles abide by logical natural/spiritual laws? Or, are they just arbitrary acts?

Whenever “impossible things” become possible, people call them miracles. Miracles could be regarded as acts that make people to wonder—even long after their occurrence. On the other hand, no matter how awesome miracles are, they are just natural events because they occur in real life. Some people believe that all things are possible. In fact, many awesome earthly experiences of

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Vibrations of invisible GOD’s greatness are in all the visible things around us

It’s true that no one on Earth has seen GOD, and no one will likely ever be able to see GOD with their physical eyes. It would be the greatest feat ever, if it happens. Good enough, people have been able to feel the vibrations of GOD’s greatness, as evidenced in great miracles, inward spiritual nourishment, inspiration from GOD’s creations/creatures,

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Caring GOD vs uncaring GOD; GOD will present himself according to your perception of him

(Image credit: Pixabay.) What do you think about GOD? Do you perceive GOD to be caring or uncaring? I understand why some people think GOD isn’t caring, or why he “seems” to care more about some people than he “seems” to care about others. Probably, they think so because unfortunate circumstances have overwhelmed them to a point they couldn’t think otherwise. Depending on how you allow or disallow the challenges of life to overcome your positive feelings about GOD, GOD will appear to you in proportion to your perception about him: You will have the GOD you perceive. Proverbs 23:7 states: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee”. The second part of that scripture contains a trait that can be noticed in a part of this generation of GOD’s followers: they appear to be merry and actually ask people to do the same, but their hearts do not believe that GOD is a caring GOD.

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God’s Greatness: Within His Books and Everything Around You!

Most times, many people—including me—probably don’t think much about God and his greatness. We are too engrossed in our own activities—either fortunate or unfortunate—up to a point that we hardly think about God, Mother Nature, the trees, birds and other wonderfully created beings and creatures of God. Creation gives a clue to the greatness of God beyond what we can

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